Wolf's Call ----
Tribe TempestWing
Timeline type here
Orientation Gaaaaaay
Occupation Fallout survior
Allies rp with him
Residence "Neck" of Pyrrhia (sand-ice border)
Inventory Twin revolvers, knives, poison arsenal
Clothing/Accessories leather jacket, torn black jeans, flight goggles
Ships none

Wolf's Call belongs to Flames and Flames only. He is a roleplay character.

Wolf's Call is a stoic, hard-hearted dragon. He is a warrior through and through. He cares about almost nobody, putting himself above everyone else. Wolf hates romance, and refuses to discuss anything that may turn the discussion towards love. He is a skilled liar, but learned he is horrible at hiding his true feelings for dragons (as he learned with a certain TrickWing...).

Wolf can enhance his senses via charging. He has learned to survive a long time without food. He usually keeps his hearing and reflexes enhanced, specifically for quick getaways. He wears flight goggles when he is airborne, as his eyes are already damaged.

Wolf's Call hatched in Vault 10. His parents were long dead, his egg the only living thing that remained. He hid out in the vault until he was seven, when a TrickWing found him. His name was Seven, and the two formed a close bond. Seven taught Wolf's Call to hunt, shoot, write, read, and speak as well as he could.

Wolf instinctively figured out how to charge, but had no idea he could enhance his senses (yet). He and Seven wandered the wastelands of Pyrrhia, staying away from more dangerous areas unless it was necessary.

One day, Seven confessed his feelings for Wolf's Call. Wolf tried to deny it, but said that he also loved Seven. The two were officially a couple.

Until one fateful day, a mutated SandWing attacked and mauled Seven. Wolf shot the mutant through the heart. As Seven died in his arms, Wolf vowed to never love another dragon again. It would only hurt him. He buried Seven's body by an oasis, carrying it for three days to find a suitable burial site.

He trained for years afterward, learning how to enhance his various senses one by one.

He currently never travels more than two miles away from the grave, unless he absolutely has to.

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