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Last updated 15 September 2021.

Please follow the rules in order to keep the wiki a friendly and welcoming space for all users. You are always welcome to reach out to a mod if clarification is ever needed. Violations of the following rules will be punished in accordance with our Block Policy.

General Rules

  1. Abide by Fandom's Terms of Use.
    1. Users under the age of 13 will be blocked until they reach the appropriate age.
    2. Prejudice, discrimination, hate speech, and/or slurs of any form, as well as the defense or support thereof, are prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  2. The only swear words permitted on-site are damn, hell, and crap. Everything else must be censored with at least two unrelated characters (e.g. asterisks, dashes, or slashes).
  3. All material on the wiki must remain PG-13 and in compliance with our rules. This includes images, usernames, and avatars.
  4. Do not sell or exchange any content on the wiki for external goods or currencies.
  5. Do not create and use multiple accounts as a tactic to evade bans. All such accounts may be banned indefinitely as a result.

User Conduct

  1. Behave in a civil and respectful manner.
    1. Do not provoke, insult, harass, threaten, or otherwise act with malicious intent towards another user.
    2. Be mindful of tone and phrasing to avoid miscommunication.
    3. Should a conflict escalate, step away and contact a moderator to help resolve the dispute.
  2. Avoid tampering with content that does not belong to you.
    1. Users typically do not appreciate their pages being edited without permission, even if for well-intentioned reasons like correcting spelling or grammar.
    2. Categorization is acceptable, as categories are essential for the organization of our wiki.
  3. Avoid spamming content of any kind, including page edits, emojis, images, and advertisements.
    1. This includes actions made to farm badges: Badges are merely for fun and do not show how accomplished of a user one is.
  4. Do not attempt to perform a moderator's duty for them, whether that be by warning users, attempting to resolve conflict, or otherwise.
  5. Always ask before offering critique; and when doing so, strive to be specific and constructive.

Trade and Request Etiquette

  1. When initiating a trade, you should finish your half first.
  2. If you cannot finish your half of a trade, let the other user know immediately.
  3. Understand that users are not obligated to fulfill requests.

Content Policy

  1. All original content produced by users on the WOFF Wiki operate under the by-nc-nd license, unless otherwise stated by the owner. You cannot use or reproduce art, characters, etc. without the permission of the original creator and owner.
  2. Do not create/edit templates or categories without permission from the moderators.
    1. Content categories, which organize the pages owned by a user, are an exception. They may be voluntarily created once a user owns at least five pages. These categories must follow the naming convention of Category:Content (Full Username).
    2. If you have ideas for additional templates or categories, you may suggest them on the Wiki Improvement board.
  3. Obey copyright laws.
    1. Do not use content belonging to other users without their permission.
    2. Do not use or upload art (including photography) without the artist's permission.
      • You do not need permission for images used in your user avatar (unless specifically requested by the artist) but you must credit the artist.
      • When using images from free sites, keep in mind that while credit may not be required, it is encouraged as photography is still a form of art.
    3. You must credit artists for the bases and artwork they've made unless they specifically say credit is not required.
  4. Due to the target audience of this wiki (PG-13), certain topics are restricted or banned. Such topics are outlined below. These topics require warning in advance, which can be issued through the Mature Content template or with one's own custom warning.
    1. These topics are allowed with a mature warning:
      • Mentions of in-universe drugs, alcohol, smoking, and/or marijuana
      • Trauma
      • Self-harm
      • Minor mentions of sexual content (like pregnancy)
    2. These topics are not allowed at all:
      • Non-consensual sexual content
      • Graphic sexual content (smut)
      • Graphic gore
      • Incest

Quarterly Batch Delete

Every four months pages under 2500 bytes are deleted to keep clear out stubs and free up names. The batch deletes occur on the following days:

  • February 28 (or 29th)
  • May 31
  • August 31
  • November 30

After the batch delete is over the moderators will create a thread in the News and Announcements board where you may request the restoration of deleted pages.

Pages that have already been restored twice will not be restored. The moderators will retrieve any code or images from the deleted page upon request.

Please note that the following content are not counted towards a page's total byte size.

  • HTML/CSS (Coding)
  • Images
  • Categories
  • Excessive empty lines or spaces
  • Filler such as lorem ipsum or zalgo text

Name Claim Policy

Users may contact a moderator on their wall to claim old page names. After being messaged the moderator will make sure the following requirements have been met:

  • The page itself hasn't been edited in the past 12 months (except for maintenance-related edits) and
  • The owner of the page hasn’t made any edits or posts in the past 18 months

If they are met the moderator will move the existing page contents to a new location with the owner's name added in parenthesis after the character's name (e.g. "Forge" would be moved to "Forge (Himmalerin)") and let the user know that they may now recreate the original page with their own content.

Redirect pages may be claimed at any time, regardless of whether or not it meets the above requirements.

Discussion Policy

These rules only affect conversations (such as posts on Discussions, Message Walls, and comment sections) and do not apply to wiki article pages.

To keep the wiki a welcoming space for all people, certain topics are restricted or banned. If you are unsure if your topic falls into one of these sections, please verify its sensitivity with a moderator before bringing it up.

These topics should be approached cautiously and use a mature content notice:

  • Smoking, alcohol, and marijuana
  • R-rated films, M-rated video games, and their equivalents in other countries
  • Venting about issues
  • Religion
  • Mental illness

These topics are banned:

  • Real-world politics
  • Real-world drug and substance use (except smoking and alcohol)
  • Controversial issues (including controversial current events)
  • Anything that violates our wiki rules or Fandom's Terms of Use

Roleplay Etiquette

The RP host may choose to not use certain items from the following list. Keep in mind that unless stated otherwise, you should assume they all apply. All other wiki rules are in effect regardless of what the host may state.

  1. The RP host has final say in all matters regarding the roleplay, with the exception of when moderation is required.
  2. Do not take part in a roleplay without being accepted by the RP host.
  3. Show when you’re talking "Out Of Character" (OOC). This is commonly done by wrapping what you’re saying in two sets of parentheses, like ((shown here)).
  4. No "godmoding". Godmoding is an umbrella term for various undesirable RP behaviors, most of which are outlined below.
    1. Having a Mary Sue involves your character being invincible or in having items they shouldn’t.
    2. Powerplay involves taking control of other users’ characters without their permission.
    3. Metagaming involves using OOC knowledge to make your character aware of things they shouldn’t be.
  5. Only use Canon and official Fanon tribes in roleplays. These tribes include all Canon tribes and Official Fanon tribes.
  6. Do not maim or kill other characters without the owner's permission.

Extra suggestions and guidelines may be found in this blog post.

Fanon Tribes

  1. We are not currently accepting new official Fanon tribes.
    1. You may add any tribe ideas you have to a blog post.
  2. Unofficial tribes may be used for characters, fanfictions, and projects. They need permission from the RP host for use in roleplays.
  3. Make sure you have permission before creating rarer types of official Fanon OCs: depending on the tribe there may be restrictions.
Tribe Creator Status
AviWings Heliosanctus, NightStrike the Dragon, FearStrikerKrysantheShimmer (current manager) OPEN
CentiWings FourFlames OPEN
DeathWings Atomicake, Wings-of-Bloodfire (current manager) OPEN
DriftWings Kitagon, Wings-of-Bloodfire OPEN
LightWings Marble-y cake, EnigmaTheHybrid (current manager) OPEN
MistWings BermudatheSeaWing OPEN
TempestWings NightStrike the Dragon, FearStrikerKrysantheShimmer (current manager) OPEN