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(mysterygirl000).png Mysterygirl000 (she/her) (she is a mystery, after all...)
(salamence).png Heliosanctus (he/him) (missing dad in action)
(wings-of-bloodfire).png Wings-of-Bloodfire (she/her) (wiki mother)
Stormbreakpx.png NightStrike the Dragon (he/him) (god)
Tiny maple.png Icebutterfly116 (any) (wife of many wives)
Content Moderators
Jarkiepixel.png Firesides (he/him) (music addict)
Forge-Pixel.png Himmalerin (he/him) (solving problems on purpose)
Thread Moderators
Cloudeyes-pixel.png FearStrikerKrysantheShimmer (he/him) (a hero for fun)
Chat Moderators
Titanpx.png IceTitan64 (he/him) (king of monsters)
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