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Welcome to the Wiki FAQ! Here are some of the most asked questions by new users! This should cover the basics, but if you have any remaining questions or concerns, you can contact the wiki staff and they will gladly assist you.

Pages & Content

  1. How do I make a page?
    • Look to the top right corner of the wiki.
    • You should see a series of two buttons: one that looks like a page (with a dragon on it) and one that looks like a graph line.
    • Click the one that looks like a page (the other one brings you to wiki activity).
    • A popup screen should come up for you, prompting you to name a page. If the name is already in use, you must add something to it (like your username)
    • Click "Next", and publish.
    • To edit your page, just click the "Edit" button in the right corner of the page.
  2. How do I make a fanfiction?
    • You first must make a page (instructions above).
    • Once you have a page and a title, you can find some basic formatting tools in editing mode:
      • Headers for chapters
      • Bold, italic, and underlined text
      • Images (for covers or scenes, if needed)
    • Mess around with your page's format until you think it looks nice! You can always ask if you need help.
    • If you need some prompts, feel free to check out the Inspiration Box!
    • For any doubts about categorization, we have a section for fanfictions in the Category Guide.
    • If you’re looking for writing tips, there's a page just for that!
  3. How do I make a character?
    • Once you make a page for your character, you can start developing them!
    • Most OCs (original characters) have sections:
      • Appearance or Description
      • Personality or Behavior
      • History
      • Abilities
      • Gallery (for art! Make sure you follow the copyright rules.)
    • If you want to use our character infobox, you can find it here.
    • If you need some prompts, feel free to check out the Inspiration Box!
    • You can always refer to our Category Guide for help on character categorization.
    • If you're looking to adopt an already-made character, we also have a category for pages that want a new home.
  4. How do I add an infobox?
    • The infobox on the right of most character pages is a template.
    • This image is a bit outdated, but has clear, visual instructions.
    • If you have any trouble with infoboxes, you can ask around or leave a message on any of the staff’s walls! We'll be happy to help.
  5. Where can I get art for my character?
    • You can head over to the Contests, Requests, and Games Board.
      • An art request means you can ask a user for art and they will receive nothing in return.
      • An art trade is when you must draw something for them and you will receive art in return.
    • You can also check out our colorable bases.
    • Prior to our copyright laws, do not use someone else's art not intended for you.
    • You must always credit the artist, even if you use their free-to-use base. In addition, never erase their signatures.
  6. Can I make a category?
  7. How do I code?


  1. Can I make a new tribe?
    • We’re not accepting tribe pages at the moment, but you can make a blog post for your tribe ideas.
    • However, your tribe will be considered unofficial.
      • That means that the tribe is not one of our official fantribes and will have to win a tribe contest to be considered as such.
    • You can make characters, fanfictions, and use them in roleplay.
      • You can only use them in roleplay if the host allows it. They have the right to decline.
    • Characters of unofficial fantribes will be categorized as a tribeless dragon.
  2. Can I make a character from a fanon tribe?
    • Yes, but make sure you have the right permission to create your character.
      • All of our fanon tribes will have the permissions needed for what on the top of the tribe page.
    • In short, most of them require permission from the creator or manager to make:
      • Hybrids
      • Royalty
      • Animus
      • Scientific experiments
      • Any other "special" dragon
    • One TempestWing Spark can be created without permission. Extras require permission.
    • You do not need to ask to create a normal member of the tribe.
Tribe Creator Status
AviWings Heliosanctus, NightStrike the Dragon, FearStrikerKrysantheShimmer (current manager) OPEN
CentiWings FourFlames OPEN
DeathWings Atomicake, Wings-of-Bloodfire (current manager) OPEN
DriftWings Kitagon, Wings-of-Bloodfire OPEN
LightWings Marble-y cake, EnigmaTheHybrid (current manager) OPEN
MistWings BermudatheSeaWing OPEN
TempestWings NightStrike the Dragon, FearStrikerKrysantheShimmer (current manager) OPEN


  1. What is roleplaying?
    • In short, roleplaying is basically a collaborative fanfic.
    • Each participating user will write a passage in their own character's voice.
    • Each player will take turns writing about their character interactions.
    • There is generally a pretty loose plot, but the main idea of roleplaying is to develop your characters and have a freely manipulable story.
  2. How does roleplaying work?