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There are certain requirements that must be met to make a user eligible for demotion. At least two of these conditions must apply. For conditions such as Irresponsibility and General Rule Breaking, repeated offenses can count as more than one condition.

For the demotion to pass, it must have the support of at least one-third of the moderator team.

Inactivity Inactivity is huge. The administration is expected to be available by users for a majority of the time. If a user cannot be reliably contacted because of inactivity, they weaken the wiki. In addition, when privileged users leave for a great deal of time, they find themselves coming back to a different wiki than they left it. They grow in different directions, and they often find it hard to stay.

If a user is inactive for over 2 months, they can qualify for Inactivity.

Privileged users who know they will be on vacation or otherwise inactive for an extended period of time (two weeks or longer) should leave a blog.

Irresponsibility For the most part, this will have to do with privileged users who cause problems, rather than handling them. Users expect the administration to work through problems and to make a safe environment for them to interact with other users and share their love of Wings of Fire. If privileged users are causing problems or egging problems on, they are being irresponsible.

This also applies to other forms of power abuse. Privileged users breaking protocol by refusing to consult others before taking administrative actions also counts.

Being Rude Part of being a privileged user is being courteous to other users, even when they have been rude, accusational, or downright grumpy. Privileged users should treat users with respect, and attacking other users, talking down on them, and any other rude treatment should not be tolerable. Privileged users have a large capacity to influence other users' experience on the wiki, and they should aim to make it a positive one.

With this offense, screenshots are required as evidence

In most cases, evidence should be presented as links to threads and screenshots. Screenshots of chat must have as much context of chat as possible, and Private Messages may be dismissable as evidence, depending on the context.

General Rule Breaking Badge Farming can be a form of vandalism where users spree destructive, unhelpful, or frivolous edits for the sake of getting more badges. It is against the rules, and admins should be held to a higher standard.

The administration is responsible for knowing the rules and understanding them. They should not break them. Accidents happen, and if you are to use this qualification, it is subject to whether or not it seems accidental and the severity of the rule involved.

Negligence Privileged users are expected to regularly contribute to the user. Negligence occurs when users do not use the role they signed up for in the way that they should. A chatmod who never moderates chat would be considered negligent, as would an admin who refuses to collaborate on admin-related business.

This category can be general, but is reserved for instances where privileged users are not doing their job. Thus, extremely long periods of inactivity can also be considered negligent.

Making a Demotion Thread

  • Threads can be made on the Promotions & Demotions Forum Board.
  • Any user who fits the requirements at the bottom may create a demotion.
  • Users may vote and discuss a candidate's demotion.
  • The nomination will be highlighted, and it will reviewed one week after it is created.
  • The thread should include all information, screenshots, and other evidence necessary to present a case against the privileged user in question.

Threads with Comment Votes

  • Users' names and avatars will be hidden from the thread if it is controversial.
  • Users will vote whether they support or oppose the demotion and the results will be tallied up.
  • Users who have been part of the wiki for less than a month will not be counted.
  • Use the Demote or NoDemote templates.
{{Demote|This is why Vic should be demoted}}
{{NoDemote|This is why Vic should not be demoted}}
Nightthumb.png Demote
Nightthumb.png Do not demote
Nightthumb.png Demote
This is why Vic should be demoted
Nightthumb.png Do not demote
This is why Vic should not be demoted

Other Notes

  • A demotion thread can only be posted by a user who has been on the wiki for at least 3 months and has made at least 400 edits.
  • Evidence must be within 3 months of the user's last full week of activity, prior to a demotion thread's posting.
  • In the event of a bureaucrat demotion, the bureaucrat will be formally asked to step down. If they refuse, a staff contact request will be made. It should include a link to the demotion thread, a link to these demotion rules, a link to the formal resignation request, and be signed by a current bureaucrat.
  • Admins and Bureaucrats facing demotion may not complain to users who voted against them or PM them with the intention of changing their vote. If this happens, please screenshot or log this exchange and show an admin.