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Our Mascot


Art by Storm

Our mascot is Vic, short for Victor, who is a goofy gentledragon belonging to no specific tribe. You can read more about this loveable fellow [here].



Base map by Mike Schley, colors by Storm

We will not accept any new tribes, so please do not make pages for them. If you have ideas, however, please leave them on a blog.



Base map by Mike Schley, colors by Storm

There will be one fantribe on Pantala – tribe contest coming in September, hosted by Storm.

Tribe of the Month

PRIDE tempestwing.png


This fanon-official tribe is owned by NightStrike the Dragon.

The TempestWing tribe is known for its impressive military and connection to stormy weather and electricity. Battle and the military is a huge part of TempestWing culture, shaping many of their traditions, like dueling over land and the Week of Remembrance tournament.

Members of this tribe have dark-colored scales, with a row of bright, smaller scales separating their back scales from their underbelly (transitional scales). They have large wings with bright stripes at the end of the wing membranes and are built long and sleek to be aerodynamic as possible. There is a variation in this tribe called "Sparks." Sparks are born with too much electricity and have feathered wings rather than draconic.

The TempestWing government and its military are interconnected much more than other tribes due to being prepared for battle constantly. TempestWing royalty other than the queen and her mate hold little to no power in the government, but the king and queen have equal power to the High Advisors. The current queen is Queen Mercury.

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Art by Wings-of-Bloodfire


Wings of Fire is a book series by Tui T. Sutherland. Five young dragonets are destined to end the Great War caused by warring SandWing queens. But there is more than one way to fulfill a prophecy, and the dragonets escape to save the world their own way.

This series belongs exclusively to Tui T. Sutherland, the author. We are simply using her world as a backdrop and an inspiration for characters and stories of our own.

Users work hard making their characters and fanfiction, so please do not use their work without their permission.

Next Book

Only December 7 2021 00:00:00 until The Brightest Night Graphic Novel comes out!!!


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