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Our Mascot

Art by Storm

Our mascot is Vic, short for Victor, who is a goofy gentledragon belonging to no specific tribe. You can read more about this loveable fellow here.


Base map by Mike Schley, colors by Storm

We are not currently accepting new tribes, so please do not make pages for them. If you have ideas, however, please leave them on a blog.


Base map by Mike Schley, colors by Forge

We are not currently accepting new tribes, so please do not make pages for them. If you have ideas, however, please leave them on a blog.

Tribe of the Month

SandWings & LeafWings

SandWings are a tribe that dwells in the blistering heat of the expansive desert. They have light-colored scales, often whites, golds, or browns, in order to blend into their surroundings. They have a poisonous barb on their tail and are able to breathe fire. The current SandWing queen is Queen Thorn, although the three daughters (Blister, Blaze, and Burn) of the late Queen Oasis split Pyrrhia apart in a War of Succession which reigned for many years before Thorn's anointing.


LeafWings are a Pantalan tribe that are mottled greens and browns in appearance with leaf-shaped wings. They can absorb energy from the sun through their scales, much like RainWings. Their tribe is currently split into two subgroups: the SapWings and the PoisonWings, each with their respective rulers. The SapWings, pacifistic LeafWings, have Queen Hazel while the PoisonWings, battle-ready LeafWings, have Commander Belladonna.



Wings of Fire is a book series by Tui T. Sutherland. Five young dragonets are destined to end the Great War caused by warring SandWing queens. But there is more than one way to fulfill a prophecy, and the dragonets escape to save the world their own way.

This series belongs exclusively to Tui T. Sutherland, the author. We are simply using her world as a backdrop and an inspiration for characters and stories of our own.

Users work hard making their characters and fanfiction, so please do not use their work without their permission.

Next Book

Art by Mike Holmes

Only December 7 2021 00:00:00 until The Brightest Night Graphic Novel comes out!!!


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