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Wingedwave is a female SeaWing princess and belongs to WingedOceanWave.

She now has her own fanfiction, Wings of Fire:The Ring of Fire.

Physical Description

Wingedwave is a smaller-than-average dragonet at age 13(in human years). She's a slender one with deep blue scales, sky blue scales on her wings, and an icy blue underbelly. She also has purple eyes and glowing stripes (like all other SeaWings), with the royal stripes on the underside of her wings.

Her front talons are stained by watercolor paints and black ink, evidence of her affinity toward creating art. She also wears a silver dragon charm around her neck that she crafted herself.



A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Tsunami (Mother)
Guppy (brother)
Marina (sister)


  • Wingedwave is a little closed-off from other dragons, preferring to keep to herself and her drawings and scrolls that she likes to read. However, she's also easy to be friends with once you get to know her and makes a kind, loyal dragonet.
  • On the subject of drawings and scrolls, she often likes to keep herself occupied by reading scrolls and making paintings and drawings. Her work often includes dolphins and other sea creatures and occasionally other dragons. She also does scenery. She even tried her talons at metalwork one time.
  • She's quite smart and knowledgeable on various topics thanks to the time she spends reading. Wingedwave is able to learn quickly and figure things out fast.
  • Wingedwave has a great liking toward seashells more than jewels and often searches the beaches and ocean floor for them.
  • She has a strong heart and will and is an average fighter with the ability to find and use makeshift weapons. She's also a kind princess.
  • When dealing with frustration, dangerous situations, or something she disagrees with, Wingedwave can become fierce, serious, cold, and rebellious. She also tends to keep personal problems to herself and try to solve them on her own, which can lead to more problems and misunderstanding. Wingedwave is also a little bit too generous at times.
  • Despite her status, Wingedwave finds pleasure in swimming around in the poorer areas of the tribe. She finds their poor lifestyle a little interesting.
  • While she's proud of her heritage and her royal status, Wingedwave would much rather be reading, drawing, painting, collecting, and exploring than doing royal duties. She's very reluctant to challenge her mother for the throne.


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