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Background Information
Creator Sorapaw
Main Attribute Red Wine
Elemental Attribute Canyon
Theme Animal Coyote
Theme Color Dusty, yet Saturated Red
Theme Song Shut Eye
MBTI Personality Calm, casual, layed back, smart, cunning, quick-thinker
Character Information
Age 6 (17 in human years)
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual
Occupation Working in the Teardrop Faction as a Cadet, assasinating
Tribe SandWings
Goal Work his way to being an Upper Cadet
Residence West Nightcry, TDF's home
Relatives Scarce (Father),
Allies Scarce, most Teardrop Faction dragons
Enemies Basically anyone outside Scarce and the Teardrop Faction
Likes Cactus Juice, Riches
Dislikes His golden scales, pretty much everyone in Devil's Claws
Powers and abilities Animus Powers (his wings and tail barb have been both turned to gold, so he cannot fly or use his barb.)
Weapons Animus Powers, His prized possession, a switch-blade.
Quote "Deserting us so early on, mate?"

Better for your head

Better heads need Shut Eye


Created by Sorapaw

Wine is a male SandWing; he's an animus. His scales are rose-gold colored-some parts being wine red. His eyes are black , and very lightly tinted with crimson, and each one of his scales is turning to gold. Every enchantment he makes, over five scales turn to gold.




Wine is a pale-reddish-yellow SandWing, not very uncommon for SandWings, but he still prizes them as "rose-gold". These scales cover the top half of him, his underbelly being an even paler red-gold. Only some scales on his torso and up are gold; but his entire backside (minus a FEW) scales, are encrusted with pure gold nuggets. His scales are very rocky from that point on.

Wine's eyes are nearly black; but you can still see the crimson tint to them. They do not look insane, just semi-worried and tough.

Wine is a skinny SandWing, and is a tiny bit taller than the normal SandWing. His legs are a little pudgy, but it's mostly muscle. He is strong, as he must be able to overpower his master when it comes the time.

Wine wears a pale, cactus green bandanna he stole from a traveling SkyWing, attracted to the desert-y color it was dyed. He also wears an onyx black leather jacket with a six-inch blade inside of it.








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