Just Shapes And Beats Wicked S Rank-2

Just Shapes And Beats Wicked S Rank-2

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Wicked is a character in the Nora Logs, and he's only been shown for a few sentences so far.


Wicked is a large, jet black NightWing, with a golden stripe on his claws. His eyes are dark red, so dark the iris blends into the pupil. He has no silver scales scattered on the underside of his wings. It's not confirmed, but he may be melanistic. 


Wicked is shown to be loyal to the current queen (er, goddess) Tiamat. He originally planned on giving Orange a slow and painful death, but then his weak gut (or realization?) caused him to give Orange a quick death (whoops a pun) instead.


Wicked is first seen thinking about killing Orange, the one who nearly stole what would come to be known as Round from the talons of Tiamat. His thoughts were clearly intent on the death of Orange.

He first thought of giving Orange a painful death, but WEAK GUT came in. This is where it's revealed that he's an archer. He successfully killed Orange, but didn't realize that Orange's spirit would later inhabit the Long Furby.

Wicked isn't seen for the rest of the roleplay.

Circle does say that he'll enjoy killing Wicked, though.

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