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in a peaceful time after the war has ended you see a seawing who fits perfectly with her time. she is peaceful and spectacular. seemingly perfect. it is a wonder that such a magnificent dragon is not perfect- well balanced.

she looks beautiful. she is nice. what is not to love?

find out when reading this page.

I want to be seen

But i cannot expect others to just look at me and immeaditly reconize me as someone special. I have to acchive these myself. I hardly do anything without help but if i try i can. I know i can. But saying i can is not good enough, i have to actually do it. While i can i tend to look at myself, my klutzy and shy instincts. But when i look inside myself i know i can do it.

I can

If i try. But my brain will not let myself try. Of course i want to and i can but i cannot. I do not know whether i can or cannot. One things for sure, i will try

This gal is my dragonsona. She means a lot to me. Please do not steal her in any way.

Waves is a major representation of who i am. If you think she is a bit bland, that is because i am a boring person.

I am a bit more sensitive about her and i would be really sad if you wrote hate comments. Please only write compliments or relationship suggestions in the comments.

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Her backstory is nearly exactly like mine dragonized so please do not criticize it! a few gender changes and a bit more interesting, "Betta" in real life is just a friend.

Enjoy her page!

Waves • She/Her • SeaWing • Student

This quiet smart gal belongs to me and is my sona/mascot/favorite character. I would be heartbroken if you vandalized her.

Creator Dragons of destiny
Artist Sneaky! TYSM!!
Coder Jack!!
Attribute Quiet
Element Water
Colour Jade green
Animal Seagull

Ocean eyes~Billie Eilish

Speechless~Naomi scott

MBTI infp -the mediator
Aesthetics Waves/Polka dots/ Shipwrecks/ blue hearts/ palm trees/ Seagulls/ Islands/ Swans/ Pianos/ Lavender/ Flashlights/ Bookshelves/ Pools/ Flower fields/Potted plants/Music notes/fishes
Aliases Wave / Destiny / Spots / Stripes / Splash / Splashwing / Splashwings
Age 5
Gender Demigirl
Orientation Pansexual, Lesbian
Occupation student, writer, wants to be an artist but wants to improve her skills
Tribe SeaWing
Goal To be a normal seawing with a normal life
Residence An island on the edge of the sea
Relatives Whale (father), Kelp (brother), Cove (grandfther), Manatee (grandmother)
Allies Betta, Whale
Enemies n/a
Likes Science, Betta, Singing alone, Reading, Quiet, Whale (the dragon), Nature (the thing), splashing, Wandering around, Cookies, Music, Dancing, Skething, Family time (without kelp)
Dislikes Being the center of attention, Big crowds, Bullies, Too much sunlight
Powers and Abilities Typical SeaWing abilities
Love Interests Betta
Quote "evreyone should have a peacefull life. to not be bullied. to follow their dreams"


I personally do not care about my looks but i am glad others think i am pretty!

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On the edge of the ocean you see a dragon. not a dragon really, more of a lizzard. she is classified as a dragon, not thought of one though.

She is quite small, perhaps four fifths of a normal size, rounded with cubbines. resulting in a small but chubby dragon, her roundness leads to others assuming she is large. this is the only thing that pulls her away from "perfect looking"\

she mostly is short, though not fat. simply average.

Moving on to her coloring. she is mostly mountain meadow


Is it possible you are overthinking this?

Waves, you could simply not describe her. Perhaps if you thought one would just call her "weird". but in a bit more complicated adgictives,, it is not possible. But in many abstract words the shortest you could put it is: Shy, Strange, Nerdy, Unpredictible, Nice, Introverted, a bit stubborn, angerable, smart and soft. That does not sum up her whole self though. However, if people were willing to hear you describe it properly here it is:

She does not usually start conversations but will be more than happy to join chats others started. Waves is a rather quiet dragon, tending to only talk when she is in love with the subject and that is how she makes friends (or rather one friend). Once she warms up to someone she is not very talkative but you can definitely confide in her. She understands others, does not laugh at them. She is a bit more talkative when she likes the subject, this does not occur often. She is usually not the one conducting a chat but will be glad to respond to them. She is more of a follower than a leader. She is glad to do what she is told and is obedient. She is a bit of a nerd and loves to study. She appreciates learning and is eager to explore. Waves does not feel comfortable chatting in groups. She prefers to just talk about anything she is interested in with one close friend.

She is not the most popular, though never let this bother her. She has more important things in life than to please well-known seawings. She is a bit cringy, weird and a bit of a klutz.

Waves can tell jokes to put off embarasing herself in front of an audience. She does this to stall. No one consideres those to be funny and when this happens dragons tend to roll their eyes and sigh. She does this when she is insecure and afraid.

She is considered a nerd and will gladly admit this. She does her best to please her teachers and instructors. She is often very good in school, getting much higher grades than average, sometimes the top of her class.

Waves can get very annoyed at the littelest of things, though rather than get mad she just tends to hold it in. Than when she is alone she talks to herself about everything annoying dragons did.

Waves talks to herself a lot. Sometimes she just talks about all the bad things that happened like "this dragonet would not let me use the sandbox. How rude. Oh, and i remember" to herself. That often gets her stress out. She will talk to herself about anything, including possible intrests and ways to help others.

Waves often has the urge to bounce up and start talking loudly but somehow, somehow she manages to hold that in. This can be hard at times. Sometimes she ends up doing it and when she does it can be annoying to others and embarrasing to herself.

Waves can feel really sorry when she hardly did something wrong, not in the good way. When she does that she tries to erase all evidence.

A lot of times waves is about to say something fine but then think "What if is hurts _____'s feelings" or "Is that a bad topic for ____?? or "Maybe it is offensive to ______" and just completley decline talking.

Waves does not get mad easily. When she is mad though she does not say a word. She bares her teeth and holds a grudge. holding a grudge for waves means not talking but that is a bit like normal, how she rarely talks. Waves stands proud usually but when the time comes to say something she gets nervous and starts studdering. Waves sometimes says things that are weird and no dragon gets the point. That can be a bit embarrassing. She knows it is stupid but does not seem to stop. Waves can get nervous when speaking but still speaks. That ends up in arguments that do not even involve Waves.

Waves is thought to be boring. She does not usually get invited to parties. She thinks that is okay since Waves prefers talking with one person. She tends to build strong relationships with one dragon but does not know the others at all. Waves can take a while to warm up to others but once she does she is a great friend to have She is open-minded. She will consider every opinion, though not likely to believe in it. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed, trying to pretend she is on many different sides.

She is a bystander. When she sees others getting bullied she feels the need to scream but her voice gets caught and runs away. Then when the bully Is gone she tries to comfort the dragon who was getting teased. She speaks in a quiet voice. It is clear and easy to understand and others feel soothed when hearing it. When waves get angry instead of screaming she says something. nothing mean. never has curses. it is something simple but powerful.

Waves can get attached to something easy and when she has to let it go she gets really sad but does not display those emotions. Like I said when she gets sad the most she shows is not feeling like talking. Waves is a rather calm dragon and not the chattiest but when she has the urge to speak she will. She prefers being around others but somehow makes a bad impression. Others do not love being around her and most dragons she does not feel comfortable around. She is afraid about getting embarrassed, she usually does not start a chat but is relieved when a dragon starts a conversation off with "hi". This way she can say hi back without embarrassing herself. She tends to like chatty dragons because they start the conversation.

She can get annoyed when seeing inacuracy, though she does not show those feelings. She somtimes feels the need to correct other dragons, though she does not do it, afraid that might seem rude. Instead she just gets annoyed of it.

She does not chat usually but you would like it when she does. She is understanding and funny at the same time if you manage to get a conversation long enough. She can keep a secret easily but hates them because she has the urge to blurt it out and she seems to keep it though she feels insecure about them.

Waves can get embarrassed easily and can stumble upon occasions where she is saying whatever she thinks, those moments are quite embarrassing.

It is hard to stereotype Waves. She is between a "geek" and a nerd to say the least. She is not popular at all, some would say she is the exact opposite of popular. She loves to learn and gets great grades. Most would say an introverted dragon who gets good grades and likes learning is a nerd.

Waves respects other dragon's opienions. She does not try to overwrite them with her own and accepts it. Even if you say somthing like "yours is better than mine" she just says "thanks!" even if that is not what she really thinks.

It is hard for her to confess her true feelings, rather keeping them to herself for a long time and than when she can not take it she just runs to the nearest dragon she knows. She does not say what she really thinks or feels, resulting in dragons assuming things about her.

Waves does not tell anyone when she is stressed, sad or mad. Instead she holds them in and when she can not take them she bursts out crying one day. This can be annyoying to dragons and you might catch them saying "oh brother, she is always sad for no reason" and they do not listen to her.

Waves... you would call her sensitive. She can get sad or mad eaisilly but tends to never show these, ending up on her just being stressed. If someone criticizes her she can feel a bit too sad.

Waves often compares herself to others. that never helps her and she knows it does not but it will not stop her from doing it.

Waves often thinks a few dragons who had a few awkward times with her hate her. Really they do not.

She is an obidient dragonet. She does what she is told hardly questioning, however, if she is very suspicious she can come in.

Waves takes her time and thinks slowly. She never rushes, afraid she will do somthing wrong.

It is hard for her to say no. A lot of times she will think "definetly not" but than thinks. "what if they will get mad if i say no" and then she coughs up "yes". A few dragons use this to take advantage of her.

Waves is a visual learner. She still likes reading scrolls a lot but it is easier and more calming when she sees something. If she wants to draw something she has to have a reference or else so much stress will be piled over her.

She does not like being the center of attention very much. She also does not like crowds or big groups of dragons and tries to stay away from big social events. Waves is not the type to befriend strangers, mostly because she never builds strong relationships with dragons she knows a lot.

Waves can be a bit impatient but never repeats "are we there yet?" instead, just giggling inside her and not being able to fall asleep. Somtimes that can cause her to wander cluelessly around the house, sometimes out of the house. She is trying her hardest to solve this.

She is the type of dragon you could often find sitting outside holding a book or sketching. Anything peacefull she will like.

You can never tell what she is thinking or what she is feeling. That is because she decides not to show it. You can never estimate her.

She does not really like herself. She does not harm herself or think of it but she just does not like her character. Her looks are good enough but she just wants to improve. She does not know where to improve or how but just wants to.

All she wants to do is be a normal dragon which she pretty much is. She wants to have a peaceful life and not have stress boiling over her every minute.


Why am i so... odd? wish i were normal

  • Breathing underwater

Her gills are slightly worse than other seawing's though enough to have fun with them. You would find her underwater less than the average seawing but she still likes it.

  • Glow in the dark scales

Her glow in the dark scales work normally. Though she barley goes underwater and does not need to speak aquatic she still uses them. She uses them to guide her if it is dark.

  • Splashing

She barley goes anywhere with her ability to make waves. She is slightly better at it and some dragons belive "Waves are her friend". In fact, she was named waves because she could make big splashes when she was only a hatchling.

  • Archery

Waves practices bow and arrow. She actually started out of fear that she needed to fight but it turned out she likes the sport. Now she does it for fun, though not to hurt anyone

  • School

Most days waves is top of the class. The teachers like how she pays attention and does well. The only reason she is not at the top a few days is group projets. Other than that she gets great grades


Not every dragon is perfect. There is always a flaw in someone, if there is not we might have to do some serious studying

  • Thunderstorms

If there is a strike of lightning Waves gets frozen in shock. She hates storms and if there is a big one she will mostly tremble in one place.

  • Stalkers

Waves hate dragons staring at her. If she has the slightest beleif that someone is stalking her she is tempted to show them a piece of her mind, though she never does.

  • Fighting

Waves hates any type of fighting. Whether mental or physical she really dislikes it. She could never fight in a battle and would be really scared if she had to.


Be right back! just gonna umm... i really have no clue what i am saying uhh...
Waves' island

Waves' home

Waves' father was not the wealthiest seawing. He was a gatherer in the rainforest. Then when a few leafwings came they kicked out a few seawings and sandwings, making him be one of those unlucky dragons. Luckily he found an island with a few nice families before his egg hatched.

He was breathing heavilly, trying to find space. There was no pressure but he felt like there was a lot of it. After an hour of strolling he came across a cluster of islands. He noticed one in particular that looked like it had plenty of space. He was despratley crawing to the island. Fortunatley, the viligares were so nice they helped him.

he soon met a SeaWing named "Valvatida", goes by "Val" with very distant rain and started chatting. they were not in love- just friends. but for a friend, val was very kind.

Whale had eggs- one egg, and Val helped raise them, though not for long. before the dragonet hatched. Val decided she did not care too much for the shrimpy SeaWing whale and moved off, no one on the island knows where she is. Val is probably dead by now. no one knows, except for the dragons where Val lives.

Whale was pretty mad, abandoning the egg she promised to raise. Whale decided to never speak to Valvatida again, if she came back.

Waves never knew about Valvatida. whale did not want to tell waves.

Whale was trying everything to get the delicate egg to hatch. He would raise her to live a long and happy life with the least possible problems. Fortunallly, it did.

Waves as an egg was an ombre of whites and aqua blues, a bit small in size but smooth In shape. It hatched around the average time it was supposed to. Her father was overjoyed at the sight of the beautiful dragonet.

He let her dip her talons in the water. She seemed to slip in, moving her tail chaotically. That caused Waves. And that caused the dragonet to get her name.

Waves was born on an island with several families but her family was simple. Just her and her father Whale. Not many bits of prey settled on it so they mostly ate fruit, occasionally snacking on a bird. The island was always bright and her neighbors were party animals so it was hard to sleep so when she couldn't she went to the island next to hers.

Since she had no mother the vilagers were practically her family. They helped her and looked after her when her father was busy.

It was not too far away. It was much bigger and easier to find space. There were mats for the homeless and poor which she slept on usually. On those days when she woke up, she usually wandered around. One day, a month before she enrolled in schools she was shocked. Dragons were throwing rocks at a seawing. The seawing had a bony build and was a mess of pink, purple, sky blue and indigo. Waves was horrified at the sight but instead of standing up she ran away. She did not want to go to school

The day after she wandered around the other island and saw the dragonet. The one who she saw yesterday. The dragonet said, "I know you... right?". "You were the one I saw yesterday!". Waves did not feel like talking but made out "h-hi. who were those kids?". The dragonet said, "oh Stingray and Seal?". "Yup, those I think," said waves. "Those are the rude kids. I know you were shocked but that was normal?". Waves felt a bit comfortable and said "NORMAL? THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL NORMAL?". The pink dragonet said "It seems weird at first. By the way, my name is Betta.". "Betta, how do you handed it. That is the school I am probably going to and I do NOT want to encounter them" said waves. Betta said "Ooh... good question. I would have to think". Waves looked at the moon and said "ooh.. we were here almost all day. My father and neighbors will be worried".

Waves stayed on the island without going onto the bigger one for several days. She mostly followed her father for that time being. She was worried.

Her father took her to school on that island. There were pros and cons. She would be allowed to sleep on the island more. She could get to know betta. The most dreadful thing is that she might have to face stingray and seal.

The dragonet was scared. She stopped by at the pirate playground, where the youngest dragonets would comb, play, and be pesty. She said bye to her father.

Waves' talons were quivering and she was staring. There were two dragonets near here. One was quite tiny with an ombre of greens and had a purple bracelet that did not look durable. The other one was a bit larger, about Waves' size. She had indigo scales and was adorned in plastic beads. Waves stepped up and said "hi" cheerfully but quietly. The indigo one said, "Get out, this area is for us only". Waves than ran away. She did not feel comfortable around the school with many dragonets, none liking her that much. She tried talking to a few but they all had a similar reaction like the indigo dragonet.

She wandered across the playground herself with no clue what to do. She felt alone. Then a purple dragonet waved her claws. It was betta! waves ran over the fastest she could (which was not very fast) and almost broke something on a rock. She was happy to see someone she actually knew. They ran up to each other and hugged. Just than the school bell rang. they had a normal day, except more boring.

After school, she and betta would study, sometimes alone, sometimes together. then they did random things together. After that, they would go their separate ways (which they try to do the least possible). They would do anything. Waves trusted betta and betta trusted waves.

A few months passed and they stuck together. One day waves was walking to school. She turned a corner and was horrifed to see dragonets pinning Betta to the ground. waves screamed "stop" and they glared at her. the biggest one said "do you wanna piece of me" and threw pebbples at waves. waves only got slightley hurt and then a seawing came. "PLEASE stop children. you are in big trouble.". Waves was a bit sorry she could not stand up to them. She smiled at the seawing and the seawing said "no problem. my name is Atolla. I was bullied as a kid and i want to stop bullying.". Waves said "is there any way i could help?". seastar said "first, the easiest thing is to notify me when you see a case of bullying". "Okay!" said waves.

Waves barley changed though. She just noticed bullying mare but did not have the courage to report it. It was the simplest thing, though she could not do it. She felt stupid. Because she was sad and sorry. She did not want to feel gloomy and managed to find the courage to say "stop". I know you are expecting something miraculous but nothing happened. The dragonets stopped, stared at the small dragonet, and continued. Waves felt so small.

The next day she went over to atolla. She told her what happened, describing every little detail. When Waves finished talking Seastar said "oh dear". That was all.

Waves was relieved when summer approached. She spent most of her days with Seastae, betta or her father; whale. Sometimes she just read quietly. She did not mind being alone, though it was very boring. Later she discovered her love for science. She loved experimenting with everything she had (or did not have). It was fun, but possible. That was something that waves could never know was possible. She began to do it a bit above the grade level.

When school started again she was not looking forward to it. She spent most time boiling up in stress and just not feel like doing anything. Several times she could not breathe and than she discovered she had asthma. Really, it was not that big of a deal, or it was not to her. Whale began watching her every move, considering she might get hurt. That annoyed waves a lot and made her spend less time with her father.

Finally, the school actually started. Waves was caught up in what she thought of school to realize what was happening. On her walk she saw betta sitting on a bench and crying her eyes out. Waves felt sad, even though she did not know what betta was sad about. After several hours of talking, Betta confessed her father was in the hospital. Waves was so sad that she could barley think. After Waves told her father how sad he was they decided they wanted no memory of that island.

They would redecorate the island. Waves thought it was another one of Whale's silly little gimmicks. Whale invited betta, thinking it would clear her mind. A few dragons cut down some palm trees, making her a bit sad though not very. They sprinkled seeds all over and potted a few flowers, making it look a bit more vibrant. They also made the clearing of thorns safe to go in.

Whale was right, it did make them feel better. The clearing of thorns became known as "the blue garden". The blue garden became betta's second home.

Waves and betta were overjoyed after hearing news that betta's father would be okay. It released a big bag, making both betta and waves feel a lot happier. Though, soon enough she could not think about how happy she was. Her father revealed news that he adopted an egg.

Waves showed her father she was exited though not really. She thought she and her father was enough, however, when she thought about it she knew it was very little. Betta had five brothers and two parents while Waves had herself and her father. Though in Waves's opinion that was way too much. She decided she would consider it, just to please her father, however, she regretted that.

The egg hatched a dark green and lime green dragonet that was surprisingly small and thin. Waves thought it would not be bad, when she picked up and hugged the little dragonet it clawed her in the snout. It did not hurt but somehow Waves got really angry, however, she did not show it. They decided to name him "Wakame". It turned out Waves' brother HATED his name so they began calling him "kelp". Kelp grew to be a rude, pushy, and spoiled dragonet when he was only a year old. Waves would mostly leave Kelp alone but if she had to play with him she would.

After that, she mostly hung out with betta. Betta was always excited to see waves and the other way around. They mostly talked about whatever was on their mind. She did not want to go home (mostly because of Kelp) but she rarely spent time home anyway.

The school year went diferently. there were much more huricanes. A lot of days school got closed. Many dragons across the sea kingdom got harmed, none of which waves knew. Soon, they closed the roads while waves was at Betta's house and they knew they woud be there for a long time. She contacted her father (whale) through scrolls.

Soon Whale had another egg, however he sent those for adoption. Her father knew he could not take care of another dragonet with storms this big. Waves was a bit sad, however if they turned out like Kelp she would be glad.

While she and betta were "Trapped" together they might have made some use of it. They were closer than ever and that was the only good thing about the huricanes.

Soon the storms stopped and a few kind workers were helping fix and reorganize the town. During that small time waves felt different about betta. She was her best friend so of course she liked Betta. She could not describe it.

When the islands cleared up Waves was happy to see her father. She was so happy she forgot about all her problems. Soon she felt like she had no problems at all. She had a weight lifted. Soon, when kelp wandered in she felt annoyed. He did not do anything but Waves just felt annoyed kelp was there in the first place. Did kelp ever do anything bad to her? maybe it was true or maybe she was crazy.

She tried to be a bit less... picky about Kelp. She regretted this at times, though thought it made Kelp warm up to her. Kelp was still spoiled but waves tried to give him a second chance (or a billion chances) and then Kelp was a bit nicer. Also a bit ruder in some spots.

Kelp als

Major WIP


thanks, just please try to actually think before assuming someone

  • Waves likes singing alone. She is a bit bad at it but like singing.
  • She is a bit more chatty when she is anonymous.
  • Waves is not a picky eater and will eat anything that is edible
  • Waves loves shade and her eyes are a bit sensitive to sunlight
  • For photos, her favorite pose is to perch on a palm tree
  • She is not the most festive seawing. She prefers to celebrate quietly or just not at all
  • Hulfelpuff (mostly)
  • Ravenclaw (a bit)
  • Waves loves art but thinks she needs to improve a lot before becoming an artist
  • Her favorite color is turquoise or teal, (so are mine)


Yup! these are the sorta-lengandary-kinda-ish stuff i kinda-ish did?

  • "You can be normal if that's what you want. or maybe you want to change lives of dragons. whichever, do what you believe"
  • "Imagine you are them. dreading going outside, afraid to get teased. all because of two brainless and huge dragonets. stop."
  • 'kay, how can I help?"
  • "Well... i doubt it but it could be possible?"
  • "oh, betta i had no idea! is there anyway i could help or at least make you feel better?"

Waves • She/Her • SeaWing • Student

'This is a stub'

File:I lack art
Creator Dragons of destiny
Artist Shiba
Coder Jack
Attribute Quiet
Element Water
Colour Jade green
Animal Seagull

Count on me~Bruno mars

Faded~Alan walker (nothing to do with waves, just a good song)

MBTI infp
Asthetics Waves/Polka dots/ Shipwrecks/ blue hearts/ palm trees/ Seagulls/ Islands/ Swans/ Pianos/ Lavender/ Flashlights/ Bookshelves/ Pools/ Flower fields/Potted plants/Music notes/fishes
Aliases n/a
Age 5
Gender Demigirl
Orientation Pansexual, Lesbian
Occupation student, scientist
Tribe SeaWing
Goal To be a normal seawing with a normal life
Residence An island on the edge of the sea
Relatives Whale (father), Unnamed egg (brother), Cove (grandfther), Manatee (grandmother)
Allies Betta, Whale
Enemies n/a
Likes Science, Betta, Singing alone, Reading, Quiet, Whale (the dragon), Nature (the thing), splashing
Dislikes Being the center of attention, Big crouds, Bullies, Too much sunlight
Powers and Abilities Typical SeaWing abilities
Love Interests Betta
Quote "evreyone should have a peacefull life. to not be bullied. to follow their dreams"



When you wander in the small boarding school Waves has been going to you see a normal seawing.

Just in the canon timeline, Waves has a small and baggy build with okay posture and the same scale colors.

Waves has speaarmint green mainscales with a lighter variation of that color for her underscales. All over her body she has white spots, most are big though there are a few smaller ones.

She has a bit of a less baggy build, though if you looked closley you could see that there are wrinkles and oversized scales scattered across the dragonet's body.

She has a bad posture, considering that she has what might be the heaviest school bag ever. To match her school colors it is green and grey. Grey straps and a green bag, very large.

She is usually wearing a tee shirt with leggings on the weekends, mostly a navy blue one or a red and white one with the logo of her fathers baseball team "the koi fishes". That pleases her father and somtimes she finds it comfortable and a few of her friends like it. She is usually fit in tight leggings, most of them are grey and occasionally sky blue.

She is usually holding a pouch where she puts a few trinkets which a few younger kids call "Cool". It is just for decoration but one time it was holding a few chips. A flock of seals came in and started pecking at her and she just threw some crums (that actually happened to me xd).

She does not wear jewelry a lot though, you could catch her wearing her chain necklace she has in her canon timeline. Sometimes she is wearing a headband.


Just be what you want to be. That is the best way to be alive while having a good time

Waves is very hard to sum up. Kind? Shy? Klutzy? Unmotivated? Nerdy? Warm? Nerveous? all of those put together, plus a bit more.

Nearly, or exactly like her canon timeline all of these traits describe her.

She is a very introvreted dragon and does not like to talk a lot except with her closest friends. When she is with her closest friends which she can make a bit more easially than in the canon timeline.

When she is online however, she is ready to chat up storm. Online it is easier warming up to people or talking since she can edit messages and has a chance to think before writing something. She became addicted to it at one point but than learned to balance her times of being online to being offline.

overall she is exactly the same but with technology xd.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Being a fighter does not make you strong.


  • Waves has all the normal seawing abilities
  • Waves is a bit better at splashing but only slightly
  • She stopped doing archery but still could pick up an arrow if she needed it.


  • She is a bit of a worse fighter, suprisingly but if she has to she can manage to secape


Welp. Y'all know what will happen.


Why. Do you always. halve to do. That..

  • Ravenclaw (half)
  • Hulfelpuff (half)
  • Mostly likes sweet food
  • Loves writing, considering being an artist.
  • Participated in a show


Yup! these are the sorta-lengandary-kinda-ish stuff i kinda-ish did?

  • "You can be normal if that's what you want. or maybe you want to change lives of dragons. whichever, do what you believe"
  • "Imagine you are them. dreading going outside, afraid to get teased. all because of two brainless and huge dragonets. stop."
  • 'kay, how can I help?"
  • "Well... i doubt it but it could be possible?"
  • "oh, betta i had no idea! is there anyway i could help or at least make you feel better?"


welp. there goes my chance of making any friends this year.

I am only accepting dragonsonas that belong to people whom I have RPed with or had a meaningful conversation with. if you do ask for one say how they met and the color you want their name to be in

Whale: Waves and her father share a loving relationship. Though Waves can sometimes get annoyed by Whale being the weirdo that he is. Whale was the first person Waves meant an for that she is grateful for him.

Betta: She and Betta firs met when Betta was being bullied. she was first frightened but when she actually met her they became great friends. Waves feels relaxed around her cool and aloof personality. they were best friends for several years but one day Waves like-liked her. they have a Sundew-Willow relationship.

they adore each other. from Betta's calm yet comforting voice waves knows she pays attention to everything she says, yet from her forgetfull and laziness she does not know if betta likes her.

betta surley does, just does not want waves to know

the same way with waves.

Kelp: Kelp (Wakame) is Waves' younger brother. To be honest, they never liked each other and probably never will. Kelp for no reason hates Waves a lot and Waves does not like Kelp because of his spoiled, rude and loud personallity. Although he is smart Waves thinks he should act smarter. They try to avoid each other (or atleast waves does).

Seastar: Seastar is her role model. Waves appreciates her brave but kind nature and wants to be more like her. She appreciates Seastar, mainly becaue she got her out of being bullied and likes her now still.

Remora: Waves met remora because of how talkative remora is. Waves really likes Remora. She does not have to do the talking when she is near her. She likes her acceptance and how she wants to be friends with everyone, however, she is a bit too much for Waves.

Isla: Waves met isla when she was complimenting her music work. Waves and Isla aren't the closest friends but have a positive relationship. They met several times for very short peiriods and appreciate each other's work.

Beachball: They met when they stumbled upon each other in the sea kingdom. Waves and Beachball barley know but have a lot in common. Waves likes a lot of the same things and enjoys his company. They have a positive relationship.

Bahuma: Waves met bahuma when waves was visiting the mud kingdom. Waves and Bahuma have not known each other for long but in the time Waves has spoken to him she finds the hybrid very nice and funny.

Springtide: Springtide and waves met when waves accidently fell underwater. Springtide was so close but on a different level of te sea.Spring is a great friend to waves. Actually, Springtide was probably the first friend Waves met. Waves appreciates Spring's bubbly and nice personallity and looks up to her. though, springtide lives underwater they are close in their lives. They love to pass notes.

Buzzie: Waves and buzzy met through school. They were pen-pals and wrote letters. Buzzie is a great friend to her. Though they just met they understand each other. They have lots in common and want to know each other better. oh, another hulfelpuff!

Daydreamer: WIP.

Galatheid: Waves met galatheid at an art event when she was trying' to draw.'Galatheid and waves just met (and i mean just) but they like each other a lot. They have many of the same opinions and would like to know eqch other better.

Palmetto:Waves and palmetto met when she was visiting her friend in JMA. Even though the two live far away they are close friends. They never knew how they met, though they somehow did but they are glad they did. She likes her calm and level-headed personality.

Stauroteuthis: Wip

Stardust: To be honest, they are not sure how they met. Waves thinks that she had the courage to greet her because of her kind expression. They do not know how but they are glad they did. They do not know very well but can relate to each other.

Caelum: Caelum and Waves met while Cae was exploring. Waves mostly talks to Cae for short periods of time. They hardly know but they would like to spend more time together. They enjoy a lot of the same things. She appriciates the MudWing's personality a lot and would love to talk more.

Paradox: WIP.

Doe: Waves and Doe do not know each other very well but are trying to interact more. They met when waves was visiting her grandmother in possibility and started to chat. They like spending time together, though do not spend a lot. Waves appriciates her indipendent personallity.

Fall: WIP.

Brightfire: WIP.

Morpho: WIP.

Lilac: From Waves' point of view Lilac seems perfect and friendly. Lilac was new so waves decided to welcome her, even though she was a bit afraid. She warmed up to the dragoness through one conversation and they really like each other, though they just met. Waves really likes Lilac's art and wishes she could draw like her.

feel free to suggest one to be added. none of these are explict, all are appropriate.


Speechless~Naomi scott~canon

Faded~Alan walker~modern


the ocean~mike perry~canon+modern

count on me~brunomars~modern

Ocean eyes~Billie Eilish~Canon



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