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Vortex is the (non-canon) son of Whirlpool and Tsunami, created by Matau for use by anyone who wants to use him.


Matau's Version

Vortex is very, very much like Whirlpool. He's cunning, intelligent, ruthless, efficient, sycophantic, persuasive, and simpering. He too loves power, but now that he's already royal, he doesn't need to use his ruthlessness like Whirlpool did. He's something of a coward, but he's got fairly good intentions. He plans on introducing sweeping reforms to the Kingdom of the Sea to build it into a world power and calm the easily angered peasants. He also wants to dramatically boost the science budget to compete with the Night Kingdom. He completely idolizes his father, and tries to mimic him in every way achievable, much to the consternation of Tsunami and Creek.


Vortex is dark aquamarine, in a blend of his parents' colors. He inherited Whirlpool's huge eyes (but even larger, as he's just a dragonet), and he has a gold hoop earring to match his father's perfectly. He is physically quite weak and a slow swimmer, but he more than makes up for this with his disturbing ability to charm virtually everyone he comes in contact with, whether by his handsomeness or his sweet, adorable voice.


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A typical SeaWing. Art by Joy Ang.

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