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Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist Rain
Main Attribute Bold
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal Venus Wolf (Made up animal by me!)
Theme Color Red-Orange-Gold
Theme Song Rise of the Planets (Audiomachine)
MBTI Personality working on it.
Character Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation General
Tribe SandWings, SkyWings
Goal Sustain Peace
Residence Sand Kingdom
Relatives ASK!!!
Allies SandWings, Queen Thorn
Enemies none.
Likes Hot Sunny Days, battle
Dislikes her enemies.
Powers and abilities poision
Weapons barbed tail, fire.
Ships none.
Quote "..."


Venus is a SandWing SkyWing named after the hot planet. She has Gold, Blonde, and orange scales with black eyes. She wears a red pendent around her neck.


Venus is very strong, brave, and fearless. She is an excellent fighter and has keen abilities. She likes to get into trouble or cause trouble. She can be over confident at times which can cause failure for her but she is willing to take the risk.


Venus was born to Seka a SandWing and Reddust, a SkyWing. She was sent to the Jedi Temple to train to become a Jedi knight by Luke Skywalker. There she met Kylo Ren and fell in love with him. When he turned to the dark side, Kylo begged Venus to come with him. Venus was slightly reluctant but agreed. She later marries him.



Mate: Kylo Ren


ASK!!!! Northstar