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there is no easy way from the earth to the stars

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he / they / she • rain x night • artist x writer • hufflepuff x slytherin

"i'm sorry, i'm just an awkward ambivert, i can't offer much. other than perhaps my full moral support. which i guess in this case is enough." ~ Vaporwave

Vaporwave is a young, genderfluid nightwing-rainwing hybrid artist who is struggling to find good in everything, especially in that of most dragons in whom they've never entirely met or seen before. They're still on the long road to finding themself while additionally saving the world. For they were the lucky dragonet to be chosen as savior of the world in the future. By bringing back the colors that were stolen by an evil dragon dubbed with the name Saturation.

On an island far north, in the Bay of a Thousand Scales, there lived a small family in a village perched near the shores. In this family there was a rather small dragonet dubbed with the name Vaporwave, although the reasons behind naming them that is unknown. They thought they're life was normal, for everyday is similar in some ways. But they're wrong, for one day, when they were walking in the woods, a group of space pirates came to them, saying they were The Wielder who was going to bring back the color taken from the world by an evil dragon named Saturation.

awesome coding by epheme
Art By enigma! tysm
Background Information
Nicknames vapor / vere / marbles (occasionally) / verglas / ver / verg / verglass / daybreak
Creator verglas
Fav Colors pastel blues / blacks / greys / deary blues / pastel colors / light purples and blues / coral orange / pastel pinks / powder, baby and sky blues
Music Tastes chiptune / video game soundtracks (loves) / electro swing (loves) / chill wave / orchestration / christian / some pop / soft jazz / some vaporwave / steampunk / electronic (loves) / drumstep / glitch hop / alternative
Main Attribute finding joy in life / spunk / self-doubt / procrastination / finding out you have much to learn from the world / creativity
Elemental Attribute spilt mercury / eagle feathers / melting candles / dew on leaves / dusty books / ink splatters / falling rain / glass marbles / bambi lesbian flags / pixels / broken pencils / headphones / snake scales / tree bark
Theme Animal harp seal / housecat / scottish terrier
Theme Color soft violets / scarlet / pastel blues / purples / light pinks / sky blue / dusty pinkish-purples / pastel purples / navy
Theme Song night trouble ~ petit biscuit / wolves without teeth ~ the music room / windfall ~ thefatrat / frame of mind ~ tristam & braken / before we fade ~ tristam / dragon ~ caravan palace / the mind electric ~ miracle musical / butterfly effect ~ koven
MBTI Personality ISTP-T
Moral Alignment true neutral
Character Information
Timeline canon / fanon / modern pyrrhia
Zodiac taurus
Soul Trait integrity
Age 14 (hy)
Gender non-binary / biologically female
Pronouns any pronouns. they / them / he / him (prefered)
Orientation greyromantic pansexual / leaning to bambi lesbian
Occupation artist wannabe / gamer / student / writer (wannabe poet) / hollow knight and steven universe geek expert / procrastinator / weeb
Tribe nightwing / rainwing
Goal better understand themself / complete hollow knight / finally play all the games they enjoy! / keep their friends happy!!
Residence island in the bay of a thousand scales / hope (modern)
Relatives euphoria (mother) / tulip (father) / butterscotch (brother) / starseer (grandmother) / fuzz (grandfather) / lucid (grandmother) / herbane (grandfather) / icor (great-grandfather, deceased) / toucan (great-grandmother, deceased)
Allies family / friends
Enemies themself in some cases / butterscotch (sometimes) / saturation
Likes sweets / sugar (both brown and cane) / warmth / pretty aesthetics / understanding things / being done / sleeping / llamas / caravan palace / hollow knight / deltarune / undertale / humorous memes, videos, books and games / video games in general / reading / thefatrat / understanding themself / life / soft furs / scented candles / the colors blue, purple and pastel pink / drama (sometimes) / singing or humming songs they like / subnautica / writing, drawing and coding / making others happy / bad puns and jokes / talking (mixed feelings) / doing whatever they want when they want / detail / nice, calming music / wandersong / oneshot / random things / happiness / laughter / good vibes / steven universe / plants and animals / chicken / math (in some cases) / adventure, action fantasy novels / doodling random things on pieces of paper / improving their coding and art skills / taking their time / various fruits / hanging out with some friends / gemstones / cool art or coding / sand / ocean and rain ambience / birdsongs / nighttime / storms / darkness / milk chocolate / the cold / winter / amusing characters (lancer, steven universe, padparadscha, spinel etc.) / earthbound / success / violins and flutes (not playing them, just listening to them) / waterfalls / cinematic experiences / gravity falls / dogs and cats / fuzzy blankets / being called by their preferred pronouns (he / they) / pastel colors / black / creative and/or interesting concepts / appreciation and praise.
Dislikes embarrassment / bitter or spicy foods / jarring noises / blinding lights / stereotypes / crying / sadness / spiders / cringy stuff (younger vaporwave) / rap, heavy metal music / annoyances / themself (in some cases) / losing / discrimination of any kind (especially homophobia, transphobia and racism) / itchy feelings / sickness / the curse called sleep / mary or gary sues / unfair characters or treatment / clinginess / animal cruelty / being yelled at / stupid mistakes / social studies / boring subjects / destruction of nature / lack of grammar / computer language / being misunderstood / pity / annoying protagonists / guilt tripping / awkwardness / most of the dragon population / fortnite / roblox / cliched concepts (jma students) / love songs (lame) / being laughed at / bad dragons (like themself) / being treated like a little kid / being looked down upon
Powers and abilities minor scale color changing / imagination / magic pencil / coding
Weaknesses incredibly low self-esteem / self-doubt / not that good at starting conversations with new dragons / works alone / lazy / ignorant and sometimes arrogant and sassy / LOUD / wanders off a lot / zones out a lot too / easily distracted / sometimes clumsy / nervous / lacks true powers / most of the time doesn't look before they leap / has literally no confidence in themself / scared of spiders / doesn't stand up for themself / terrible writing skills / procrastinates,,, a lot / always points out their flaws and doesn't really look on the bright side / horrible attention span if it's something they don't really find interesting / hard on themself
Strengths hollow knight nerd / swift typer / fast walker / forgiving / smart(?) / okay artist and writer / imaginative / a fairly good coder (only in page designing not anything else)
Weapons talons / teeth a little bit / their words mostly / magic pencil
Love Interests hornet
Quote "confidence, the fool's substitute for intelligence."
do not let the battle weaken you before you fight the war.


This strange dragonet would undoubtedly catch your eye, yet no one casts a second glance on this figure skipping down the roads of Possibility, for what is there to know about them? A grin ripples across their longish snout and to some, bringing an unusual combination of two tribes. NightWings and RainWings, an obvious combinations even, although they appears to not have a capability to change the color of their scales all that well. In turn has two main looks, one usually occurring than the other, bright lavishing pink with tinges of purple here and there dappling the scales. In turn, a fine mixture of navy blue runs in and around their bright sky blue eyes, one may say someone would stop and take in their appearance. But to be honest, there is hardly anyone out there that still has respect for hybrids anymore, they wouldn't bother casting them even the bit of a glance if they were to see them down and on the streets.

With this, a vibrant, midnight blue ruff that remains unusually large flops behind their bat-like ears, pink on the inside and, at the tips, almost black although it's possibly just a dark blue. Upon the ruff, you'd notice the speckles of silver stars of all shapes and sizes, running freely across the blue with the occasional dusty pink like a galaxian cluster whirling around the silvery stars. Little blue or in some cases purple dot near the pale sky blue underbelly, having a similar hue to that of their eyes and upon their back, painted in a deeper midnight blue, flat scales swiftly run across their back followed by softly curving spines, which remain either a coarse light blue splotched at the top with a paler purple or will stay a hue similar to that of their ruff, a fondly light midnight blue.

There would also remain, their build, stocky and rather short, Vaporwave is more on their NightWing side when it comes to things like this, a more hunched and slouching spine in a way and with it, slender legs, yet they cease to be long, remaining a good size but short all the same and somewhat thick. They could be considered chubby around the legs, rather instead of being "thick" with muscle, it's fat. Some strange characteristics within their horns, almost like twin boomerangs, scaled pastel blue horns jut upward, curving gently over the head and pointing down their back (this can be shown in Enigma's infobox image) while the scales running down these said horns are a darker midnight blue, similar to that of the dawning sky, fading to the night, an inky blackness.

You may notice their legs, a soft hue of purple fading from the main scales of a tender-light purple-pink to the tips of a dawn purple and, around the arm, a few places down from their elbows, silvery scales like stars, running down the alley, pausing just before this light purple turns to its full extent, this being near their wrist (can be seen on Marbles image to the left). One may look at their tail, long and displaying a good sort of RainWing heritage yet it shows no good when it comes to climbing trees, nor would you ever see them in a tree in the first place, but it remains the same as their main scales, no funky designs like the rest of them, just normal and somewhat "bland."

Eye-seeking, the wings are the most noticeable part of them, auras of deep blues and whirling purples, deep in color, as though the midnight sky itself and, in a snail shell pattern similar to that of Morrowseer, silver stars, scattering the underside, which almost seem to glow a little in the dark if exposed to a lot of sunlight on that same day, around the base near their sky blue underbelly and edges remains darker than that of where the membrane clings to their wing, staying saturated with dusky colors, lighter shades and beautifully mixed well in hues. When it comes to accessories, they always either wear a headband with bone white horns upon them or lightning blue, catear headphones. Their scales, while eye-catching and shimmering, have a certain warmth, while in scent, wet sand, ocean spray and pumpkin spice. Quite an enigma, no?

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alternate appearance.

An elegant dragon appears from the shadows, curvy and flawless in every way, an incredible dragon that everyone longs to see, a savior of the world. Oh, false alarm everybody, it's just Vaporwave, there's literally nothing to see here, might as well go about your daily life without a care in the world. There's nothing special about this dragon, in fact, he's quite bland, flawed in pretty much every way possible. Yep, this is the Vaporwave everyone doesn't know about, the classic introverted dragonet of the future with a magic pencil and nothing of tribal abilities. He may be noticeable of light purplish pink scales rippling in soft hues across his body, but all the same he's just another RainWing / NightWing hybrid. With this, soft intervals of pastel purples rippling in and out upon his neck.

What is there to learn about him? He's just your average dragon with some minor flaws and hardly any strengths. Vaporwave head remains slightly pinker than that of their main scales, followed with innocent light turquoise eyes and strange-looking horns. Most likely the only eye-catching feature of his body is that of his horns, which jut upward instead of behind his head and curve at the end. This makes them appear as though someone took the tips of his horns and bent them backwards. The horns have multiple colors upon them, the most showy part being the scales upon the fronts, fading from a pastelish magenta-purple to a rather deep rosy pink at the tips. This is while the hue of his horns in general, hide behind, remaining a soft purple tinged with light blues, ever so slightly.

Then there is the plated scales around his eyes with fade from a deep purple at the tip of his short snout to a lighter hue of purple around his eyes and tinged magenta much like the tip of his horns near the top corners of his eyes. He can be considered a curious sight, if dragons are into things that are lame, but in a nutshell, Vaporwave is a NightWing with RainWing colors that never change. If looking at his full body and not just the head and shoulders, one may see his galaxian purple socks with stain his paws, climbing up near his elbows, however they fade near the middle of his arms. At the ends, silvery stars swirl in patternless dances, not going too deep into the pastel purples of his legs and paws.

His build is rather lanky, stocky and rather chubby near the legs and he noticeably slouces, shoulders sagging and head held straight in front or downwards at his talons. The hybrid's wings are rather small, but all the same has a showy underside, whorling with pale pastel purples and pinks speckled with silvery stars. With this, there are his small talons remaining a dark purple in color and while short, they're sharp. His legs aren't very long, nor is he considerably tall, but it's enough to go by, one may find his tail quite long, while not prehensile, it still remains long and curvy. In better description, Vaporwave is a short, stocky and slouching dragonet with a typical expression of either a neutral frown or a friendly smile.

The small, half-circle scales the pad gently across his back are of the same color at the tip of his snout, a deep purple much like a dusk sky after sunset. This is followed by complementary pastel purple dots hovering above his underbelly, this, along with that of his upper scales, go all the way to his tail tip. Spines follow through as well, running along his very back, these however don't look all too threatening, having softly curved edges and being short in size. His nose horn is the same as these, simply a wart upon his nose remaining a light bluey pink similar to that of the color upon his horns with a soft pastel purple-pink much like scales upon the horns. This remains the same pattern and coloration for all the spines upon his head and down to scruff of his neck.

A showy ruff, surrounding the his small ears just bursts with color, much like his wings, really, just with a more casual, patternless appearance. Galaxian swirls, like stardust, light pink-purples bleed here and there, along with the usual purple and magenta. The edges curve outward, in short arcs, not having a batlike appearance much like his wings. Having said that, pinprick stars of various sizes pad gently across his ruff, in a silvery white coloration. This is followed by a few minor accessories, mostly that of a dull blue cloak hiding his wings and most of his body. The cloak would be starting at neck and flooding downward, it appears more ragged and as though made up tendrils, the separate from each other near the end.

This can also be followed by bright insect-like wings which sometimes replace his normal ones. In coloration, they're snow white with tints of blue, the membranes remaining solid and curving in outward arcs upon being unfurled. These are what he calls his "monarch wings," for they give him an extra boost if ever so desired, that is if he has a ledge he wants to get up to that is too high up. Vaporwave also has a tendency to wear light blue and yellow striped shirts and red baseball caps turned sideways. It usually leads him to have an awkward expression upon his snout, uncertain of how exactly everyone will react to him. Then again, he usually tries to ignore things like that, but fails horribly. It can be noticed that he has black insect-like eyelashes, these are rather strange looking, but overall are an interesting addition to his appearance.

His scales carry a lukewarm feeling to them and with that carries a scent of fall leaves, autumn rain and pumpkin spice. However, it is unknown how he keeps this scent with him all the time, it just seems to stick to him like glue. Still, not exactly someone you'd see walking down the streets of Sanctuary, he always seems to catch the eyes of everyone, perhaps from his sparkly scales or something else. Vaporwave doesn't have a certain skip to his step, he just walks as is, perhaps quite casual. Even then, whenever he speaks, he doesn't speak with confidence, but still doesn't stutter. Rather, he's loud, probably to grab the attention of everyone around him, or maybe for other reasons. Who really knows, he's a questionable character.

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modern appearance.

Beautiful, eye catching, fabulous

They don't think much of these words describing themself, not at all. Nor do they really think of these words too much, for they only would use them to describe music or someone else's art. But never in a million years, themself.

Their appearance never really changed, traversing to modern times, although there may be some changes, possibly. Their main scales remain a purplish pink, sparkling in colorful rows, although from their expression, they don't exactly want to make a scene. An embarrassed expression always seems to cross their short snout, usually they're not seen out and about. Nice paint strokes ripple down their scales, coming in many hues of pastel pinks and purples, not just one solid color. Even then, while they may to some appear pretty, they really aren't. Most don't approach them, then again, who would approach a stranger? Besides, they probably wouldn't even be able to keep up a conversation with anyone but their older brother.

Following with are pastel blue boomerang horns, scales on the fronts with a darker hue. Wings sprout from their back and upon the membranes is a splay of colors, swirling with pastel purples and pinks and printed on their wings, pinprick, silvery stars of all shapes and sizes. Each star fails to be left out of their wing pattern, similar to that of a snail's shell. A similar pattern is found of their showy ruff around their ears and while it may not be tucked in neatly, it still remains a sight. Vaporwave's eyes, large and round in size and shape remain sky blue with tints of silver and pastel blues. Thimble spines run down their back, softly curved and changing in regards to coloration. The base coloration running down the crest of their head remains a soft hue of pastel bluish purple-pink with tips of pastel magenta.

This fades out around their ruff into a base coloration of light pastel bluish purple with tips of a light pastel purple. A pastel pinkish purple underbelly flows down their chest, much like their scales, it's soft in shade and nice to look at. The top of their head isn't much different from their other appearances, the main coloration being a deep purple, surrounding their eyes, displaying perfectly their RainWing bloodline. Additionally, the tip of Vaporwave's softly curved snout remains a bluer hue of deep purple whilst the scales running near their horns remain magenta. Flat, deep bluish purple similar in color to the tip of their snout runs down their back in oval shapes, not in one stream, but in multiple pieces.

Build-wise, the hybrid dragonet remains petite, short and rather thin with pillow soft cheeks and short, slightly pointed ears. They don't stand very tall, only about the average size for their age. Common posture for them is slouching, shoulders hunched and head hanging low or eye level to anyone else, they aren't impressive and while possibly eyecatching to the normal eye, Vaporwave fades into the background like any old hybrid. An uncertain look crosses their snout frequently, or a neutral frown and on some occasions, a friendly smile of a humorous friend. Vaporwave's wings remain medium sized but still long in length, followed by talons of a deep purple. However they too remain short and softly curved.

When it comes to clothing, they are varied each time, but three things always remain the same, electric blue catear headphones strap their head followed by a powder blue scarf so long, one would expect them to trip on it. Yet the enigmatic thing about their scarf is that of the ends, which float near the main piece. Complimenting this aurora of blue cloth is a large brown overcoat extending over their naturally light pastel purple socked paws, this also hides both their underbelly and wings as well. Sometimes though, they may wear a wide variety of sweaters, hoodies and short-sleeved shirts followed by complimentary pants with animal designs on them. With this is a horn headband from their favorite game Hollow Knight, this may replace their wireless headphones sometimes.

Even then, a more notable feature if a scar on their right pinky from a knife accident and when they smile, one may see silver braces studding their teeth. Yet no venom-spitting front fangs can be seen, nor anything else possibly interesting about them. However, Vaporwave does have a hot pink tongue, softly rounded instead of forked and to some extent, is quite long. Their scales remain sparkly, with a slightly lustrous, metallic sheen to it, with a smooth touch. Warmth still radiates from their scales, like heat from a SandWing. But still they blend in with the crowd.

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headcanon appearance (note: this is a headcanon appearance created solely by enigma, please don't steal anything, all credits go to them. click the picture below to go to their userpage)


"Vaporwave is an interesting hybrid case. With a very selective, but "organized" sense of scales and feathers and fur. Their build and elegance are quite surprising in the case of the often funky looking Night/Rain hybrids.

Unlike most dragons, even NightWings themselves, Vaporwave stands upright. Even those who do stand upright usually have a raptor posture, but they strike a quite elegant balance standing upright, wings splayed for balance. Vaporwave gives off the impression that they're a tall dragonet by doing this, looking down at most other dragons their age when they speak to them, but once they drop down on all fours, it's quick to notice that they're actually quite small.

Another illusion of height and size is their feathers. Vaporwave has a "crown" that puffs up like a, well, crown, and smoothes down like long hair down their neck. There's a similar ruff of feathers on their chest, which they can splay out at will. When not in use, they're often smoothed down quite elegantly in what appears to be a colorful looking tie.

Their wings are like that of their NightWing ancestors, though the talons in place of NightWing's talons are the two fingered claws of a chameleon, or a common RainWing. They're dexterous and Vaporwave can use them to hold things and use tools, it's simply the wings extending from their wrists that would cause them trouble.

Their tail is connected to the webbing of their wings, though overtop this soft skin are even softer feathers, that splay and smooth just as any of the other ones on Vaporwave body.

The majority of Vaporwave scales and fur are quite matte. There's no glimmer or shine to the deep blues to purples and pinks to oranges on their main body. Though, what's really eye catching are the glimmering, sparkling feathers on their chest. A similar shine is apparent in their crown, on their tail feathers, along the ends of their legs and the tips of their talons, but especially on their chest and under their wings." ~ Enigma The Hybrid

birds don't learn to fly by falling down and not trying again.


Whilst they may appear beautiful, their personality is less so, for Vaporwave is a dragonet full of shame and regret, they may even come off arrogant in their ways. If anything, they are easy to anger, nervous and awkward along with a hint of quirk and spunk, yet still not the best at the whole "loving themself" thing. The hybrid has low self-esteem, it's quite clear when you're around them, often times calling themself a wuss and a failure. With low self-esteem, comes issues, the most common being mood swings and a refusal to recognise anything good about themself, they wish to blend with the crowd, become just another unimportant figure in a sea of millions. Yet they always seem to bounce back from their small and occasional outbursts of intritation, caused from a certain task at hand that they can't figure out or are stuck on. Yet, as mentioned before, they refuse any form of help, despite not being very dependent on their own.

However, this just a few of their flaws, only on bad days or if something happened to upset them that much. For the most part, they're somewhat a nice, considerate dragonet to have around, although most certainly not seen out too often, just cooped up willingly in their house, hiding from society. In public, they awkward and embarrassed, something they usually are if they are to admit something they enjoy. Vaporwave has a certain soft spot for music, something that goes as far as being capable of changing and calming their mood. In short, they don't find themself the greatest dragon, constantly brushing off most compliments as just talk and occasionally spitting out a few rude remarks. As supposed punishment, they are incredibly hard on themself, expecting only the best from themself out of anyone and when they fail at something, they begin to question their intellect. Which to them isn't very high, they may sometimes come off brash, sarcastic and more or less animal-like.

It is known they growl, although this is mostly just a sign of their immaturity and annoyance and for most of the time, they wish to be left alone by everyone, with an exception for their online friends. They've always thought of themself as not good enough or just plain not good at all, perhaps even coming to consider themself defective. Most of the time, Vaporwave remains that of annoying being, changing between being actually annoying and friendly annoying. In themself, they're slow and a bad habit of procrastinating, going to taking from weeks to even months to actually complete certain tasks. The hybrid tends to worry over small things, that said, it's usually what others will think of them while other thoughts are about who and what they are. However, under layers of a pessimistic, cold character comes a softer side to the dragonet, someone who generally wants to make others smile.

"Sometimes, they ponder, do they really exist? Or is the world like a book or game, which is only meant to be played over and over and over again. Vaporwave always wonders,,, tries to break the fourth wall of their existence, to understand the whole picture, but they never do.

No matter how hard they seemingly try, they could never really find out what is beyond to wall of time, endless in its ways. However, whenever these thoughts come into the front of their mind, they feel,,, strange. On few occasions they feel like the only reason they exist is to die again and again and again.

In short, they never really thought that they existed in the first place,,, that the island they were current inhabiting was just an illusion or something. Perhaps just a simulation,,, or like a very realistic video game, sometimes they think to themself, did that really happen? Am I really me? Or is my body and physical feelings just a puppet? And the real me, where my will and spirit are, is the puppetmaster.

Other times, they just sit at the edge of a cliff overlooking the surrounding ocean and think, perhaps I'm just a video game character. Maybe right here, right now, I'm breaking the fourth wall. Maybe someday I'll see my puppetmaster, the puppet will get to meet itself, its maker. How strange does that sound? Maybe we're all just waiting for our screens to say GAME OVER. Maybe then and only then, we get to replay as someone else.

This has nothing to do with their lack of self-worth or their low self-esteem, they're just pondering, they know that all life must accept an end someday, there is no fleeing against death itself, it comes for everyone. But the longer they think about it, the longer Vaporwave begins to realize that everyone here, on Pyrrhia, is here for the same reason. To die."

This side of them doesn't show too often, Vaporwave can be optimistic in the face of some failure, often times saying "don't worry about it, you tried." Following that is a generally somewhat likeable friend who can't help but shower their allies to art of their characters, which usually leads to them feeling a bit better. Yet the best they can do to cheer themselves up is watching their favorite tv series, Steven Universe, something that Vaporwave always watches and it can't seem to help but make them laugh. It would be surprising to know that their self-esteem has improved, being much better than it had been a few years ago. Yet even sarcastic insults, that aren't meant to be taken personally, can strike their heart hard, they've come to realize that everything in those remarks are true and ultimately has a tendency to lower their self-esteem. They see themself as a failure, idiot and wuss, they lack a sense of self-purpose, yet are too afraid to admit any problems to anyone, not wanting them to worry.

Really, Vaporwave is emotionally fragile, something they don't really like about themself, along with a tendency of lying or acting untruthful when it comes to how they're feeling. In their mind, violent and angered thoughts seem to swirl, yet again, they do not let these spill out of themself, for they really try not to hurt anyone's feelings. It's something they have a tendency of doing, along with just plain not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings by voicing their opinions and therefore, they don't voice them at all. Yet in both public and online, they put up a friendly act, although they try their best to be themself, they still shy away from the complete truth. While they may seem likeable, they really aren't, they're just some rude hybrid dragonet with self-esteem issues and no sense of importance and purpose.

Vaporwave is an ambivert, meaning their a mixture of an introvert and extrovert, although they are leaning more to an introverted state of mind, for they tend to only socialize with close friends and their older brother. Other than that, they tend to shy away from conversing with dragons, which doesn't make them very good at starting a conversation in the first place. Usually their topics can be repetitive, since they have no idea what to talk about and sometimes, they're just at a loss for words. As mentioned, they are quite awkward when it comes to socializing with new dragons and sometimes with friends, it's just a bit difficult to find a topic to talk about. But on some occasions, when they can think of a topic to talk about, it's hard to get them to shut up, additionally, they can be loud when it comes to a topic they like, such as Steven Universe.

Occasionally, they enjoy showing others what they have been doing, whether that be artwork that they lately have complied or just plain writing or new characters. With that, they also enjoy showing their mother and sometimes their brother, Steven Universe, although it is not too often, it's better than never. Usually, they fear losing friends due to them saying something wrong, it's the same with awkward introductions. For, when it comes to things like that, they may sometimes have a tendency to come off as over-friendly or hyper, something they usually don't wish to see in themselves. In most conversations, Vaporwave only expects the worst, being rather pessimistic, they always seem to have those tendencies to think negatively and that's the most common state of mind they have. Additionally, they hate both excessive attention and pity (both from self and others). It not only annoys them, but it's just unnecessary through their eyes.

Sometimes their stride gives way to false confidence and perhaps even arrogance, believing they're better than others at a certain subject. Perhaps they're just seeking attention at that point, it is truly unknown. They now understand that they have much to learn from life, which came into view from rereading books and from their friends. Now, just like most dragons of their age, Vaporwave is finding out who they are and what they're planning on doing for a living once they're older. They've always been interested in books, so perhaps something to do with that. It isn't new, the hybrid doesn't fear death, they never really have. In their belief, death is just the end of all things, to go against it is a folly, all things must accept an end. "Death isn't scary." They say, "just imagine life as a trip or vacation, when you die, you go home." See? Now it doesn't seem as some terrifying, black creature waiting, watching.

Once upon a time, there was a dragonet who hated most of dragonkind and themself, but still had a cunning mind filled with violence and anger. But they still had some good in their soul,,, probably. They're always scared that if they showed their true colors to everyone, they'd hate them. So instead, they play friendly and enthusiastic, hiding the real them under blankets and sheets. They are NOT in any way a good character,,, kinda just that side character that everyone forgets halfway through the book. Vaporwave isn't a hero, they aren't brave or a good problem solver or at all gutsy or reckless, they're just a coward. In their younger years, they were a minor bully, picking on one certain dragonet for no reason. They just kinda liked doing it or something like that, not thinking about the consequences of their actions. They can be a yes man in some cases, when they have nothing else to say.

Within the years prior, Vaporwave always had a temper, rude remarks and was overall a big jerk to everyone. While remaining a stereotypical little kid, they still had incredibly low self-esteem, thinking themself only as a parasite to their family. They wished to leave, only because they felt no one liked them, put it simply a ruiner of fun. Perhaps they're the reason there was nothing interesting around here. For, Vaporwave had come to believe that they ruin everything, as told one time from their mother when she was upset with them. They also seemed to have a tendency to be dramatic to an annoying extent. To be honest, they hated themself and they still do. They have always been quite disappointed in themself, they never live up to their high expectations. And they never seem to do anything right.

Vaporwave seems to have slight paranoia when it comes to illnesses, diseases and cancer. They deeply fear obtaining an illness or something that can't be cured, additionally, they also seem to fuss around with pens. Making sure the ends are put away so the ink doesn't dry as fast. There is a problem with most art that either Vaporwave or someone else drew for them. They're smiling. Most smiles they display are fake, simply masks covering how they truly feel. When their picture is taken, and they smile, they're thinking, this is stupid. A constant thought comes into their mind, a thought of wearing a mask so no one can see their ugly, snot-stained, insignificant face again.

Most of the time, if not always, Vaporwave thinks vigorously back to conversations long ago and what they should've said. This is usually something they do in their spare time, sitting and staring up at the night sky. For the most part, they wish to be accepted by everyone else, yet they still fear they'll say something wrong and mess it up. Or perhaps they're being too dramatic. Detail is everything to them, if anything, they try their best to stuff as much detail as possible into few paragraphs. When it comes to things they don't want to do, they tend to shut down almost completely, letting stress and anger build up inside of them and once in these moods, the hybrid refuses to take breaks, rather they'll just sit and stare at the screen. Perhaps it's a bit childish, perhaps it's even a silent temper tantrum.

"Often times, Vaporwave finds themself pondering if anyone actually likes them and if so, what they really think of them. Because they think of themself as a disgusting, useless failure of a dragon, they're disappointed in themself due to their high standards,,, at least when it comes to things they do. When it comes to friends, Vaporwave finds themself with only two while their older brother probably has four times as many. They've come to believe this is because

  1. they don't like them and would rather hang out with their awesome brother, Butterscotch, than them.
  2. or their brother is better than Vaporwave.

They don't even try to get the attention of the others, they don't want it, dragons in general are exhausting to be around, especially their friends. On some occasions, they can be ridiculously quirky (saying partner, howdy and other weird phrases), it could almost be considered immaturity and perhaps it is. Vaporwave has other tendencies to put words into others mouths, make them say things they wouldn't actually say. Kinda rude of them, not going to lie."

It's no secret that the dragonet has a short attention span, especially so when it is something they don't want to do and having said that, they can be incredibly stubborn and in other cases, just plain lazy. Explaining things isn't one of their specialties, nor is giving out advice, for they're equally terrible at both things. Additionally, when it comes to procrastinating, they'll set themself to pointless tasks of organization just to waste their time. However, once finished with one task, they may set themself to another and another. This behavior only sprouts out when they're bored or are in need of something to do. When playing certain games, they tend to form tactics to defeat the enemy, Vaporwave is in some ways clever, often times predicting what the enemy is going to do next and surprisingly, most of these predictions turn out correct. However, if these predictions come off as wrong, they sometimes become surprised (this can be either good or bad). This mixes with their confidence and spunk, if they are to fail the first time, they try again until the task is completed.

They've lately been working on empathy, putting on someone else's shoes and walking in them, yet they still take a lot of liberties and it is for one a major work in progress. Not only do they remain sarcastic and rude, but also mischievous and smug, which follows through in why they don't believe they're any good. They have too many bad personality traits to be considered good. In most collaborative situations, Vaporwave considers themself to be the least helpful, in other words, useless. Really, the best they can do is either being there as a distraction or as emotional support, but honestly, they have no other use. Rather, they'd just leave instead of weighing the rest of the team down. The hybrid dragonet can't even imagine themself leading a team, there are too many conflicts, having no confidence in themself, literally anyone could be and do better. Vaporwave has a certain forgetful nature, often times they forget things for 5 minutes ago yet remember things from way back, years ago.

Vaporwave seems to have competitive and comparing behavior, as mentioned above, they don't think they're good enough to do good in life. However, they're usually referring to writing and art, they compare themselves to a lot of other dragons, considering them vastly superior to themself and that they'll never measure up to them. They're just, always terrible at writing and art, believing that it's not something you learn by practice, but via natural talent.

Overall, the dragonet isn't the best example of a "good person." No. They just aren't.

kinda redoing this??

Vaporwave isn't quite sure how they would describe themself without being biased that they're a bad person who has no chill whatsoever. Overall, whilst physically others might see them as beautiful, they really aren't, in fact, they're quite reclusive, a total ambivert and moody. A few things that aren't exactly the best to have, then again they can't help but be this way.

While they remain talkative amongst the family members they know well, such as their brother, parents and sometimes their grandparents, they lack socializing with anyone else. They'd rather stick to the people they know more than getting to know new people. It's just so hard to actually start an actual conversation rather than just small talk, which is the only way they know how to start a conversation.

The most recognizable counterpart of them is that of their moodiness and easy-to-anger tendencies. Often times when pushed past their limit, they might lash out, hiss (yes, hiss) or swipe at the person who's annoying them. Or they'll just do the classic tortoiseshell shtick where they refuse to talk or move anywhere. Which often leads to even more tension but they don't care enough to try and solve it.

Being happy and bubbly all the time really isn't their thing and they find it hard to be happy all the time. In fact, most of the time, they aren't even sure what they're feeling, rather they feel like most of their emotions just fell asleep. And the only ones still wide awake is grumpiness and boredom, which is a combination that makes them feel empty on the inside.

That's how they feel most of the time, not sure what they're feeling or how they should feel about a certain topic. Most of the time they claim that they "absolutely love" a certain thing or game but deep down, they aren't quite sure how to feel about the topic at all. Do they love this? Do they really feel this way about this topic? Those are some questions they ask themself but can never really find the answer.


this game is very cheesy... I LOVE IT!!




color changing: minor scale color changing, colors can shift ever so slightly, changing from one appearance to the next. this isn't powered by sunlight, which makes them unlike any rainwing. they just sorta change whenever they feel like it or on command. this is a reason behind them having multiple appearances, for their scales seem to shift between these two appearances. vaporwave never seems to appear the same upon two encounters for they seem to easily and quickly shift between the two.

creativity / imagination: you can tell from this page how creative they are. creativity is something in their nature, although they never seem to admit that they have too many good ideas. sometimes, it just depends on their motivation and other times, it just comes to them. mostly it has some inspiration off of some sort of tv show, game or book, but sometimes an inspiration may just come from a simple daydream. when a good idea comes into their mind, they'll build off of it until they have with a fully cooked or half-baked idea / concept. imagination also tends to just come to their mind at any certain point in time, usually it's thoughts of art, of their characters in a certain pose with incredible backgrounds. yet they never seem capable of drawing these ideas, so they just leave them inside to rot.

drawing capabilities: look at gallery. you'll see how good they are at drawing. overall, vaporwave is "okay" at drawing, not the best but not the worst no matter how much they say they suck at drawing. sometimes they spend their time trying to improve their artwork, yet no matter what, they can't really seem to change it. usually, they're unsatisfied with their art or find it not matching their high expectations, nor does it match to perfect image in their head. having said that, only once in a blue moon do they make a drawing that they actually approve of in regards to detail, shading and shape (usually of the snout or head). other times, vaporwave has a tendency of making not so great pieces which are often deleted later on.

semi-quick typer: idk how fast i can type, but it's pretty fast. this is both a pro and con, for vaporwave can type surprisingly fast, one may even consider them fast on their talons when typing. this is what they enjoy as a writer, being able to type up their ideas quickly and with little hesitation. however, due to how fast they are typing, they usually make a few mistakes, whether that be in their grammar or in their spelling, they're bound to make at least one.

patient: patience is a virtue. that's what they usually say. although patience is a well-used personality trait of theirs, vaporwave's easy-to-anger habits really contradict this. this can often times lead to an explosion of anger, which doesn't really end well for their computer mouse or themself. patience is usually seen in them during the most carefree of times, usually when waiting for art of other users on the wiki. usually saying, "take your time, i can wait as long as needed." of course, after a long period of time waiting, they are known of forget about the artwork they were owed. in short, they aren't one of poke or nudge a thread, as they find that coming off as impatient or even rude. then again, when that is most certainly needed, they still don't do it, in hopes that the other user will remember to do the art they owed.

clever: it is something they're prone to doing when playing certain video games, however it is mostly used in team battles and hollow knight. having said that, they can quickly brew up tactics that they'll use to defeat the enemy and in some cases, they'll even try to predict what the enemy's next move will be. usually these tactics improve their confidence in themself, for they usually lead them to victory. however on some occasions in which some of their predictions are wrong, they may come out surprised (in either a good way or bad way depending on the circumstances). this is only used in games, not anywhere else.

spunk: they sometimes show a certain determination to reach their goals. this is usually set for hollow knight, in which they encourage themself to try again. more or less, they'll keep at it until they complete their goal and then they move to the next. this helps them with completing goals in their games, however once faced with multiple goals, vaporwave has a tendency to switch between them from time to time. weighing out which one is harder to do and then completing the easier one. even then, they still try their best to complete everything that they had in mind of doing.

magic pencil: mixes in with their drawing capabilities and imagination. it's powered by creativity and has a special abilities to breathe life into their drawings. while it may appear a normal pencil to the eye, there is only one of it in the world. with this pencil, vaporwave, the prophesied savior of the colorless future, will find success in their future. usually, the hybrid dragonet uses this pencil to make functioning bridges and various other things. with the use of their eraser, they can, of course, erase anything they drew with it.

empathy / sympathy: it's a work in progress. they usually do it for insects and animals. but sometimes it's for other dragons. mostly the ones they care deeply for. vaporwave imagines what it's like to be them and really tries to understand them but they can't seem to get their mind entirely around it. this major work in progress seems to be halted. everything else has really made them preoccupied with other things rather than working on their empathy / sympathy. so it has been lagging behind.

detail-oriented: when writing. this is still up for debate if this is either an ability or weakness, but vaporwave seems to be VERY strict on adding as much detail as possible. however, this also means that they'll take much longer (up to even an hour) writing one thing with as much detail. of course, sometimes this much detail isn't even necessary or needed, they just add it anyway because it feels right. they aren't one of have an appearance that has only one or two sentences, they won't accept that.

finds joy in lots of things: they find most things enjoyable and with that, they always stick to watching / reading or seeing those things when they're down. it really helps improve their mood, these joys are usually hollow knight, wandersong, steven universe, gravity falls and just spending time with their brother and / or family. sometimes though. other times, they just plain enjoy doodling things or playing video games as something they enjoy.

Heading other

poor self-esteem: of course, there is no secret of this, they have quite low self-esteem that compliments perfectly with everything below. they seem to find themself more or less a wuss in whom never really thinks of themself as someone important. having said that, they don't respect themself as much as anyone else and even then, they're not very respectful to their peers or, sometimes, their parents. but they're open to improvement, they just wish they knew how to change.

  • self-loathing: a big one here. they tend to throw themself under the bus, putting others before them. while they may not be able to say it directly to someone else, they would admit that... they're not that good of a dragon as others may see them as. and their unencouraging thoughts don't help the cause, this self-loathing, while kept mostly inside, is seen when greatly irritated.
  • lacks self-worth: they may sometimes admit it, but they think they're useless. they believe themself as good-for-nothing and additionally, a bad collaborator and leader. they don't think they're good enough to be great and therefore, they find themself worthless and finds it hard to see anything that they could actually admit they're good at. usually, the only thing they're actually good at is wasting others time, when working with someone else, they're the one who doesn't help at all and just slows them all down. this also seems to add to their low self-esteem and self-loathing, they always seem to disregard anyone saying they aren't useless, laughing merrily at it like it's some kind of joke.
  • compares themself to others: most of the time. it happens a lot of the time when they're drawing. vaporwave compares their art to others a lot, it adds to their high standards, they expect themself to created pieces of work that rivals picasso or something. when they aren't satisfied with a piece of artwork, then they'll restart the entire thing, saying it wasn't good enough. other pieces of artwork that were made by them will be put as private pictures, as they believe it wasn't good enough to show to the public.

pessimistic: another big one. they believe in the worst of outcomes, although that usually discourages them from doing certain things. vaporwave doesn't like doing things they know they'll lose at, then again, if they just give up, then they're guaranteed to lose. it just seems so easy for them to view everything so negatively and they probably have something to say about everyone. then again, vaporwave isn't always pessimistic and on some rare occurrences, they can be a little bit on the bright side. usually they do it ironically, though.

has high standards: these high standards may sometimes act negatively on them, getting them all worked up and irritated and then they start blaming themself. believing that they're just not good enough. this usually is the case when it comes to art, in which they may even go to redoing something they don't approve of. which is unbelievably high. if something isn't how they like it to be, then they'll redo the entire thing and start all over again. if it fails too many times, they'll just give up entirely on the project.

minorly untruthful: this is usually in the case of not wanting to hurt others feelings, which had made vaporwave become somewhat untruthful. having said that, when it comes to something they don't really like, they simply explain that they like it. perhaps they do it enough so that one won't believe them if they give out a legitimate compliment. which is usually why they don't talk about it too much, just another excuse to hate them. since who wants to talk to a two-faced liar.

immature: yeah, they can be as mature as a two-year-old sometimes. growls a lot when things don't go entirely their way, then again, sometimes they don't even care. usually, they're as mature as they want to be, but they don't really act entirely like a stereotypical little kid. this may sometimes make them impossible to work with and in most cases, they're infuriating. vaporwave can be pushed into this phase when put under enough irritation and / or pressure. or if they're just having a bad day.

minor arachnophobia: small one. slowly fading away. although vaporwave will freak out whenever there's a spider near them or touching them. there's just this very unsettling thing about them that really just makes them uncomfortable. not only that, but they aren't about to get bitten by a spider. perhaps they're overreacting, but still,,, they aren't about the try it. once a spider is spotted, vaporwave won't go anywhere near it, for a dragon who's afraid of something so small, they're quite the character, eh?

reclusive: keeps most things to themself. bottles up emotions inside.

sees things that aren't there: this one is annoying. sometimes when walking past say a tree or a window in the dark, they might just see something flash by that will disappear a few moments later. this can either annoy or unease vaporwave, although they still believe they're just seeing things. often, this happens when they're scrolling past a lot of text, they might see words that aren't actually there. although instead of annoying them, it might just confuse them or make them more curious on what words are used in the text. believing for just a moment, that the word they saw was actually tucked there in the wall of text.

easy to anger: the title explains it all. but when online, they don't bring this with them. this is a big issue of theirs, along with anger is impatience and a hint of immaturity, usually when annoyed they growl a lot. unfortunately, this mixes in with their spunk to complete goals, having said that, they don't take breaks and if told to step away from the situation, they refuse. vaporwave has their talon on the trigger when playing difficult sections of a certain game,, hollow knight. this may also happen when being talked down to, being mocked / teased or just plain when something unfair happens in one of their games. whenever someone walks into the room looking over their shoulder this may also seem to trigger them, along with certain dragons or subjects.

procrastination: always. this seems to go well with their short attention span and scatterbrained behavior, vaporwave seems to procrastinate when it comes to things they don't want to do. or for things they should be doing, they'll turn back and work on other stuff instead, to buy time as long as they can. when all else fails, vaporwave procrastinates, which, like mentioned, happens a lot. usually they do this because there's a certain thing that is super important but they don't want to do it.

stubborn: always.

anxious: vaporwave often becomes nervous when talking with others, mainly they're just afraid they'll say the wrong thing and then the other dragon they're talking to will get mad at them. often they're tentative on posting some things, whether it be a theme song or a character. mainly because they really don't want to break any rules.

short attention span / scatterbrained: instead of having their focus directed on one thing, their attention is all over the place. they can't really focus on one thing without finding something else that they want to do. this can lead to there being multiple "editing <character name here>," as vaporwave was editing one thing and then hopped to another thing. when it comes to important things they should be doing, they often just say "no." instead of working on that, they'll hop to something else that they want to do, like editing even more characters at the same time and then end up getting nothing done in the end. often times, when someone is talking about something they're not interested in, they stare out into space (aka out the window) and think of nothing.

lazy: very much so.


i,,, dunno


man, i need to develop him some more,,, it'll include something with time traveling pirates and magical pencils,,, so get ready dudes
  • was hatched to euphoria, a former marine biologist and tulip, who decided to reside on a peaceful island, which was the homeplace of euphoria's parents
  • vapor lived a normal life with their parents on an island in the bay of a thousand scales,,, like a really big island, with a few others, they made a little village there
  • life was cool and all, but it was kinda boring, the same routine over and over again, he had so much free time, he just wandered around the island, looking for adventure
  • one day, when he was wandering around near the outskirts of the forest encircling the island, he met a group of strange-looking dragons,,, turns out they're time traveling pirates from the future
  • said they had come to the past to find "the one," who was apparently the one to bring back the colors taken from pyrrhia by some evil dragon,,, one who mastered the arts of magic color

i'm not obsessed, i just like this game,,, a lot


NOTE: Please refrain from putting ocs in here, due to being my sona, feel free to add your own sona (or alt) in here if we've had a good conversation with one another, that way I have gathered thoughts on what to feel about you. I have my right to decline if they don't fill out the requirements, of course, your sona has to live on Pyrrhia, they have to be your sona and we must have a long conversation or your sona is well developed enough for me to gather feelings from them.

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very positive

Their brother Butterscotch, someone who can't help but greatly annoy Vaporwave but also someone they sorta look up to. While they may not personally admit it to his face, they love him dearly and are very glad to have him around, mainly because they know for a fact he cares about them. Also because that's what siblings are for, to support one another when times get dark. While their older hybrid brother may do things like asking them constantly to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate or something else they don't want to do.

brother. they love him even if he is sometimes annoying, vaporwave talks to him whenever they don't want to talk to anyone else or have no one else to talk with (other than themself, that is). he tries to convince them that they're not useless, but they don't believe that. since it seems the only thing they're good at is wasting everyone's time and doing the least amount of work. sometimes vapor questions if he actually cares about them and they're still questioning it. kinda just doesn't want him to treat them like some immature, little brat or kid.

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very positive

awesome steven universe friend??? YES! one of their many awesome friends, likes coding for her and making arts! the hybrid is cool and they like her ideas for characters. hopes to keep up their relationship because she's a nice friend to talk to. thinks her art is cute and her ideas creative. will most likely scream steven universe with her. enjoys her company and finds her additionally humorous, a 1000 / 10 friend right here.

Heading other
very positive

Someone they'd definitely consider by all means cool. Pothos is their general Hollow Knight pal and they must say so far, she's awesome. It'll probably stay that way for as long as they are around for. Of their mile-long conversations, they'd consider this dragon one of their best friends and certainly someone they love to talk to. There are thousands of topics that they both talk about and of the most common, that would be Hollow Knight. Usually they just check in and out on how the LeafWing process on the game is before sharing their own and that is one of the most joyous things they enjoy about her is. Of general thoughts, Vapor finds her quite nice to talk with and finds her art incredible and overall one of their favorite art styles.

They wish to draw like her one of these days, but they aren't quite sure when that day will come, soon perhaps, maybe a few years in the future. Nevertheless, they'd like to stay in contact with her for as long as they possibly can since they find her incredibly creative and overall amazing. Vapor likes her tastes in music too, every time they visit one of her pages, the music is the first thing they go to before reading. She's one of those dragons in whom they look up to and think highly of and most importantly, they like drawing art for her. It's a simple hobby of theirs, spending time drawing pixel art for her and who would've thought that it all started when Pothos decided to stop by and say hello.

Pothos was also the one that got Vaporwave interested in Hollow Knight in the first place.

Heading other
very positive


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super positive

What is this? An awesome friend? Well, of course! There is no one better in this entire world than Cupid, that's a fact and nothing can change that. They love their wiki sister and are incredibly comfortable talking to her and therefore enjoy her company and friendship. Having said that, Vapor finds her incredibly funny and amazing to talk with, they both seem to be victims of the same common interests. For, they both want to take a stand to protect animals in some way or another. Who would've known that it all started out with Cupid welcoming them to the wiki and then their relation blew through the clouds after that. If anything, they enjoy talking to her and find her ideas for characters and art mind blowing and incredibly inspiring for them.

With their relationship, comes art, something Vapor likes doing for her once in awhile, as though talking isn't enough for them. Although, the hybrids first thoughts on her now are if they can keep up this relationship, they just hope they won't disappoint her as of now. Then again, they don't wander upon this thought too much, already enjoying talking with her. To full extent, Vapor loves their wiki sister a lot and would be willing to help her in any way they can. As pointed out, this is a very positive relation and they'd like to keep it that way and as far as they're concerned, Cupid is their bff.

Heading other
neutral / positive

doesn't really know her too well since they only talked a little bit, but overall they liked her, they still don't know how to feel about her, however.

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Heading other
positive / neutral


Heading other
very positive

they're cool! he loves chatting with them, although it has been awhile. they rlly like their art and hope to be able to draw like them someday in the future. finds their ideas quite creative and interesting along with their coding abilities. he just wishes they'd update their pages a bit more often,,, in some cases, finds them quite relatable and in some cases, just plain humorous.

Heading other
positive / borderlining neutral


Heading other
positive / neutral

Their interactions with one another have been lacking, but from everything he remembers about this unique fellow is that they were rather humorous and enjoyable to talk to.

Heading other
very positive

that one dragon in whom vapor would call their second or third bff. they find her incredibly talented in the art department and love chatting with her about hollow knight. she's the other hollow knight pal that they consider a friend of. also oneshot pal. finds her additionally hilarious and amazing company, here and there, they help her with adding detail to her characters and that's been fun too. likes drawing her characters and finds all of them exceedingly creative and cool to look at. 1000/10.

they just aren't quite certain about one thing,,,, if she truly considers them her friend,,, he just wishes he knew and the thought of not being her friend worries them.

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Heading other


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very positive

Ever since learning that Wildfire liked Hollow Knight too, they've been excited to chat with her about it and since then, have picked up mile-long conversations with one another. They for one, have enjoyed looking at her interesting character concepts and art styles. This is mainly due to their keen interest in her characters and love of the SkyWing's art style. Vaporwave safely considers this dragon a good friend, perhaps even a best friend, of theirs. The interesting thing is, it all started when she decided to stop by their message wall and say hi and from there, a positive relation of multiple interactions sprouted. While it has been a long while since they last chatted, they're proud to announce that Wildfire is an incredible being to have around.

Wildfire, along with Pothos and themself are the ones who make up, what they call, the Hollow Knight Club Trio. Still, they wonder what has become of her for it has been months since their last conversation. No matter, Vaporwave hopes to see more of her in the future and continue chatting with their friend for a long while. It's the least they can do for her, after all, they do think highly of her, of both her art, her incredibly creative ideas, but more importantly her in general. Vaporwave just hopes they can stay being her cool friend into the far future.

Heading other
positive / neutral

they haven't spoken in so long they don't really know how to feel about him, but they find him pretty cool guy with nice ideas. hopes he is having a good life.

Heading other

has just about no opinion on her. they have no idea how to feel, but they think she's a cool guy, they just haven't talked to her,,,, that much.

Heading other


Heading other
positive / neutral

really doesn't have a very solid foundation on their opinion with noble, but they do hope to get a better relation with her soon enough. thinks her coding is pretty nice and encourages her to keep it up.

Heading other


Heading other

they haven't talked in a long time, they haven't talked to her since they sorta left the steven universe club, although they do think she's a cool person. yet they still haven't formed a completely solid opinion on her, that's something they're working on.

Heading other
very positive

They compliment each other, like creamer to coffee, not only are they birth twins, but fairly good friends. Vapor loves talking with this tribrid and equally adores her well-developed characters and coding, they wish to become like her, code like her in the future and they're really working on that. Who would've thought this friendship started after giving her a piece of art and welcoming her to the wiki. Things went uphill after that and they have been friends ever since that day, or at least they think they have. Whilst keenly interested in learning more about her and gaining a closer relationship with her, they must say she's been a role model for them. For the most part, they find her a gifted writer and definitely an interesting one nevertheless, they've come to look up to her a little bit and overall just hope they'll stay friends for a long time.

birth twin. loves hanging with her and finds her awesome and a gifted writer, wishes to write like her one of these days. they always love her characters and spends hours looking at them, listening to the theme songs and the characters in general. wants to get to know her better so they can hang out some more, they like her taste in music too and have found common interests that way! they both like thefatrat and vapor would love to chat with her about it a bit more. mind is also blown by her coding and honestly, they see her as a bit of a role model, they want to become like her, for right now, they'll watch her develop her characters and see if they can do the same.

Heading other

a cool artist that they've just recently met and honestly,,, they like this dragon, she's nice and in some cases quite humorous. although they don't know much about her or where this relation is taking them, vapor hopes to become closer friends with this cool seawing in the future. perhaps share come creative ideas now and then. they know for certain that they adore this dragon's art, it's just so pleasing to the eye, they hope to concoct something like that too someday.

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neutral / positive

Although their relationship with one another is quite neutral, it seems to be positive so far and they hope to keep it that way. Vaporwave is intrigued by this dragon, for her ideas of characters are creative and her coding is nicely complied. Matching the theme of each of her characters like creamer to coffee. They have yet to create a full opinion on her, but overall, she seems like a nice dragon to be around, always creating a positive influence on the wiki. Some point in time, they wish to chat with this SandWing a bit more, just to get to know her and get better acquainted. Until then, however, the hybrid dragonet await their next encounter and see how it goes from there.

Heading other
neutral / positive

They've come to appreciate this dragon and while their relationship with one another is neutral, it is quite positive, Vaporwave has formed the opinion that this dragon is a cool person. They totally want to get to know her better.

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positive / neutral

same personality type, both in the steven universe club, similar interests. what else could you ask for? vaporwave believes to two hybrids have had a rocky start. does most certainly believe that she's a cool guy once you get to know her better, but now, they just think she's uncomfortable with their presence a little. as a solution they've been isolating themself from her, just so she feels comfortable and all. they aren't exactly sure how the green hybrid feels though, about them and their actions. their relationship has slightly ruggedy edges and they're not sure how to feel about cactus now. they're sorta just... distant after vaporwave sorta left the steven universe club. although they are glad she got interested in hollow knight.

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Vaporwave finds this dragon intriguing, not only that but they would admit they admire her, the interesting characters she makes, the incredible art. Everything. They confirm that she's a very interesting and cool being who got them interested in Lord Huron (not that they were not interested in the band to begin with but meeting with her helped), in which became a nice little interest they could chat about with one another. Along with Of Monsters and Men, a band they've been so into for years. Vaporwave loves talking with Doe, not just because they share a few interests with one another, but also because she's admirable. Now they're kind of interested in getting into other things she's into, just so they can expand their horizons. And so they can have another topic to chat about with the MudWing.

i feel bad neglecting this amazing game...


  • LOVES popping bubble wrap for some reason, he just likes the satisfying noise it makes
  • Is obsessed with Hollow Knight (if you couldn't already tell by the pictures put on my wall), so he wears a headband with the knight's horns on it to cosplay as the ghost
  • Has a lot of bad habits, at the top of them, staying up really late watching various gameplay videos (mostly of all his fandoms)
  • Really likes dark colors, preferably blacks and greys, but also loves a mixture of colorful pastel blues and pinkish purples
  • Yells when stressed or pressured (or if being talked to by a NPC in one of his games)
  • Likes throwing rocks into water, finds it quite fun to do, likes watching the ripples upon the water's surface
  • Is a proud member of Hufflepuff, but is more a Huffletherin (Hufflepuff and Slytherin)
  • Likes talking to himself, or to his computer, mainly because they're the things that won't talk back to him
  • Leans towards other females, although hasn't found any he's taken a liking to, he'll ponder about these thoughts in the further future
  • Right taloned, can use both talons, but is really sloppy with his left
  • Is a fast typer, he can confirm that, gets writer's block somewhat easily after typing for too long
  • Has arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and probably a few other phobias too
  • is kinda worried that they'll become someone like their aunt or their cousin (on their mother's side),,, an apartment full of constant drama and bad dragons. they made a promise to their older brother that they wouldn't become like her and they hope to keep that promise.
  • Also likes talking and yelling at inanimate objects (or NPCs in video games), it's mainly yelling at NPCs, commenting on what they say or, when he's watching a video, on what the person says in that said video
  • Likes some games he's never even played before (coughcoughNightintheWoodsandotherstuffcoughcough), he hopes to play them all in the future!
  • Might steal your candy if you're not careful
  • Good singer, although he always doubts his abilities, doesn't sing out loud that much because his brother always yells at him for doing so
  • Likes singing the lyrics to songs he likes, if of course they have lyrics at all, most of the songs he likes do though
  • Obsessed with art and writing, although is convinced he'll never be good at those things, no matter how hard he tries, he thinks only about the negatives
  • Claims he's somewhat deaf, honestly doesn't have that good hearing, perhaps it's because he has a hard time paying attention to boring things that are actually pretty important.
  • Tries to make dramatic entrances sometimes but really can't
  • Literally owns seven pets, six cats and one dog,,, used have two guinea pigs and a hamster too
  • what he considers amusing is,,, questionable
  • Bright lights sometimes makes him sneeze, like the sun,,,
  • Actually somewhat likes getting scared, it's kind of fun, doesn't scream, he flinches, except for the fact he doesn't purposefully watch horror gameplays for the scares, it's for amusement, well they used to do it anyway
  • Somewhat has a fear of heights and gets stuck in trees easily, that's why he doesn't like climbing trees but that doesn't stop him from climbing on other stuff
  • Major and hardcore nightowl, had once almost stayed up all night
    • he used to be an early bird when he was younger though
  • Thinks he may become a Game or Book Theorist as a future career, although he's still putting some consideration in what he wants to be, most of the time, his mind comes back to bookstores and being a librarian
  • loves positive numbers and will stop at nothing to make sure everything is positive. only under certain circumstances is it alright for something to be negative.
    • if they're a multiple of five, it's alright,,, because he likes multiples of five a lot
    • or, if they're something like 55 or 77,,, that is fine too
  • But is also thinking of becoming a helper at a bookstore or something like that, he isn't entirely sure
  • Sucks but can play the piano, isn't that interested in learning how to play it well though
  • Has braces and they're terrible, keep cutting into the inside of his mouth and it hurts, makes talking and eating a lot less fun
  • the best friend of niko. or maybe it's the other way around.
  • Can't whistle or snap, it's too hard for him, so he gave up trying to do it
  • Somewhat sensitive to light, likes the dark because he's more nocturnal,,, and yet has trouble sleeping so he's usually always tired
  • Sometimes a picky eater
  • Deathly afraid of saying the wrong thing or someone getting the wrong idea, leading to getting in trouble
  • Isn't totally vegan, makes some exceptions for meat products
  • Interestingly, Vaporwave prefers he / him pronouns over she / her, even then, he likes demiboy pronouns, they / him, mainly because it just makes him feel good and warm on the inside, these are my prefered pronouns as well
  • Probably socially awkward, since conversations are hard to both start and end, they just get so awkward so fast
  • will eat a spoonful of peanut butter when he's either bored or hungry and doesn't feel like eating anything else
  • Among her favorite shows are Coco and Coraline for some reason, I just really enjoy watching them, of course there is also The Little Prince which I love very much
  • Theme song has changed about 3 or 4 times while her appearance has been revamped about 1 or 2 times
  • Doesn't really like eggs, hates them raw, but likes them in things like soups and stuff like that, a reason he doesn't really like french toast that much
  • Hates the strong smell of lavender, it's both overwhelming and just not his favored smell
    • however he likes the smells of orange / tangerine, vanilla and ocean breeze
  • Doesn't really have a constant art style and draws to music almost always, it gives him better inspiration when he does and it calms him down after a long day
  • It took me so long to find my true theme song :o
  • one of the few dragons who actually likes math, i mean, he's not obsessed with math to the point of being a nerd, but he does like it to the point it's not a bad class
  • Is actually the second hybrid I made on the wiki who's still living and was originally my alt sona before Lionheart until she died and became Astro, she is possibly the second oldest character I'd ever made on the wiki
  • Feels he's not speaking up for himself a lot of times, probably because he fears he'll lose friends due to that
  • Actually is pretty good at voicing his opinions on something with himself, but never really tells anyone else fearing it'll hurt their feelings
  • Doesn't like that many mary / gary sues that much, he just finds them kinda annoying and overwhelming, but some are okay since they're cool and stuff
  • Likes really strange music that some might not even call "music" but just a bunch of random noises being played to a beat which I guess is music
    • Preferably, he likes music from video games, with a huge liking towards Hollow Knight, Wandersong, Deltarune and Undertale themes
  • Sometimes I'm tempted to do the exact opposite of what something in a game tells me to do, perhaps it's for amusement, or something like that, I dunno
  • It feels really strange to have deleted the first character I've ever made on the wiki, although I still have the second, which is Vaporwave, but it still feels really strange
  • I can read backwards fluently, yet I can't really speak backwards that easily, is now learning dragon script too
  • Loves making little snacks for his family, a main ingredients being cinnamon and crackers, enjoys making new things to try
  • Role: the antihero
  • grows too attached to pinatas once they get them, honestly.
    • once they wanted one for their birthday, but they really liked the design and overall shape so they refused to use it as a pinata. their parents got them another one and they yet again refused to have either of them used for their party.
  • there's a lot of things vaporwave is annoyed by but just never admits
  • Youtube and My Little Pony is my childhood, but now doesn't watch them as much anymore
  • Where's motivation when you need it?
  • will take anything they find interesting off the road, like pencils and money.
  • has a lot of stuffed animals, but never plays with them anymore. now they're kinda just a collector's item
  • Is given a mini ice cream sandwich,,, takes 5 minutes to eat it
  • Speaks in all lowercase, it's much easier and quicker to type stuff that way
  • Really, really, REALLY wants to see more of MudWings and hopes they get developed more, honestly wants to see more MudWing sonas too, I mean,,, he kinda likes the tribe they're really cool and hopes they'll get more attention in the future
  • Originally, Vaporwave had one design, straight pastel blue horns and ruff with stars speckling it along with poisonous purple mainscales and a fading tail, however after seeing the interesting designs in marbles and enigma's artwork, I decided to give him a combination of the two
  • His name actually comes from the title of artwork called "Vaporwaves" that I saw on the wiki and, thinking the name was cool, decided to give this name to my (alt sona at the time) sona the name Vaporwave
  • likes stormy nights and finds it enjoyable to listen to the sound of rain falling, would also consider winter better than summer and nighttime better than daytime
  • goes to an online school,,, finds that he doesn't have that many irl friends,,, in fact, he doesn't believe he has any

that's the best thing i've ever heard of. fighting tents...


All art is listed according to who made it, if they aren't labeled with someone's name, they are mine, please don't use any art without permission from the artist and me, thank you!

Ver's Note: Everyone has their own different style of drawing Vaporwave, feel free to go a little wild when drawing him, some add-on interpretations are always encouraged, draw him going by either appearance or combine the two! Maybe add your own design interpretations, his design is quite flexible. A common accessory both normal and athro Vaporwave share are Hollow Knight horns that can be seen in Grapecakes art, feel free to add these when drawing him.

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haha! look at that expression on their face! i should focus.

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