aka Zausty

  • I live in Daugmania
  • My occupation is Being a Daug that is Zausty
  • I am A Daug
  • ZaustyDaug


    June 19, 2019 by ZaustyDaug

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  • ZaustyDaug

    ALMOST COMPLETED! I'll be making the different member's cards now.

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  • ZaustyDaug

    Time Off

    January 13, 2019 by ZaustyDaug

    I'm just getting a bit bored and can't think of anything to make or write, I'll be back before February though

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  • ZaustyDaug

    Gradient Text

    January 11, 2019 by ZaustyDaug

    How do you do gradient text, please, I saw it on the Seven Virtues blog

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  • ZaustyDaug


    December 26, 2018 by ZaustyDaug

    Note: The current names for everythingis kinda cringey so suggestions please


    You must ask permission to make a Special FaunaWing

    • Royalty
    • Figurises/Outfigures
    • Bondlingee
    • Animus
    • No-Inf (No permission needed, just a special type)
    • Enchanted/Anything else unusual(Not including negatives eg. No tail-bulb, no lost/disfigured body parts from unusual Influenser (Plankton, grub))

    Anything physical to do with their Influencer counts as a characteristic, even disibalities like missing limbs.

    If you make a royal, you cannot make anymore

    A FaunaWing can only have one special ability, no exceptions

    FaunaWings always have at least 2-4 characteristic of an animal they were born with called an Influencer, the most characteristics recorded is 6. Their scales areā€¦

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