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  • SeaWingsareValid

    six months.

    February 8, 2020 by SeaWingsareValid

    So I just realized that yesterday was my six-month wikiversary. Wow, I mean, it felt like no time at all.

    and yes, I KNOW I won't be a year old until August. I take my celebrations where I can get them, kay?

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  • SeaWingsareValid

    It's closer than the Lost Continent, yet far more remote.

    Shrouded in mystery, it's said to be the origin of animus magic.

    It's called Southern Island.


    so these bois

    • they rule the island, k
    • they keep the EarthWings in check and they think the FleurWings are extinct
      • but actually they're not lmao
        • top 10 anime betrayals amirite
    • bright bois
      • like RainWings but like they can't change colours
    • there's this super secret special ceremony where the queen's chosen heir becomes an animus dragon by touching this like special rock
    • oh yeah and the current queen is Queen Calypso



    • super split like the LeafWings
      • they divided cos of the different like um sub-kinds?
    • they're now basically 2 different tribes but they're all still called EarthWi…
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  • SeaWingsareValid

    I don't understand all of the hate that Peacemaker gets. I mean, While part of me still wished Darkstalker had let himself die, I also think that Peacemaker was the only ethical option--making a killing spell would have turned Kinkajou into a murderer, which would be bad. Manipulating him into self-destructing would have been wrong too, because it would violate his free will. I suppose she could have just stripped him of all his powers and enchantments, but that still would have left a vengeful, power-hungry and probably also very bitter Darkstalker--just minus the animus/thrice-moonborn powers. It really makes the most sense, when you think about it with all the other things Kinkajou could have done to him with that strawberry.

    Just throwi…

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  • SeaWingsareValid

    Right after I finished my holiday/leaving the wiki post, I felt a strong, uncontrollable, irresistible urge to do a Q&A, featuring--me of course!

    Literally ask me anything--even if it's silly or completely ridiculous, I will answer. All I ask is that it's SFW (don't ask my bra size, if I'm a virgin, etc.) and that you don't request any personal information (my city/state, phone number, email, last name, etc.) Other than that, anything goes!

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  • SeaWingsareValid

    As of yesterday, it is now officially my favourite time of year--Christmas!!! I know some of you may not observe Christmas, but for those who do, Merry (early) Christmas, and for the rest of you, Happy Holidays!

    I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a break from the wiki (yes, another one)--probably for a couple of months or so. Nothing against you guys; I just wanna take some personal time away from the internet for a while as a sort of New Year's resolution. I'll also be taking a break from my social media too.

    [cut to the chase, will ya??]

    So, I just thought it would be cool that, before I left, we could share some of our favourite holiday traditions and memories as a sort of countdown to Christmas thing (this will be open until t…

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