Mothwings are usually bland, dull, and gray. They have slightly furry scales, and a mane on their chest. Their colors can be anything, but it is always with a big tint of grey, or a small tint of white. They have Pantalan-dragon like features for their wings, but it appears more Pyrrian then Pantalan. They have small antenna on their heads, near their snout, and their scleras are black, leaving the iris white. However, once they are ten, they experience a change, and they are colorful. Very rarely, a Mothwing can be born with colors. These Mothwings can change color depending on what color of the food they eat.

Powers and Abilities

Mothwings see in thermal vision, and can detect living things. They are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day, and during the night, they are lively. Mothwings can extend their tounges to one and a half dragontails long, and have strong grips on their talons. Mothwings, when warm enough, can spark fire weakly, and cause small bonfires.


They are usually in the foresty parts, especially the rainforest.


As of now, their current queen is Queen Moonlight. Queen Moonlight only has one heir, an egg named Daisy.


Mothwings usually suck up nectar from plants and fruits, but occasionally hunt small game and gather berries.


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