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AlienWings are large dragons covered in tough skin, with only a few scales down their backs. They have a crest on their head, back, and tail and can be pretty much any color possible with unique markings. The eyes of this dragon have white or pale gray slitted pupils, with a ring slightly darker than the base eye color around it. AlienWings do not have any bone or webbing in their large wings, and they look a lot like the crests down their backs.


AlienWings have a very eerie, metalic voice that frightens other tribes.


AlienWings can create sonars using a special organ in their heads. These can be used to locate other animals or send an enemy dragon into shock. They are extremely good fighters, and are trained for war at a young age.

Some of these dragons can sense emotions. May have Animus powers, and all Animus AlienWings have black markings.


AlienWings are closely allied with NightWings and SeaWings, but tend to avoid the other tribes. They have a rivalry with MudWings.


These dragons have lived on Pyrrhia much longer than the other tribes, and have had more time to evolve. Their tough skin is much thicker and stronger than a MudWing's, and they are extremely intelligent and advanced. The name "AlienWing" actually came from the other tribes; they looked so strange compared to the other "normal" tribes.

After a drought that killed most of their tribe, the AlienWings left the mountains of Pyrrhia and made their home on the lost continent. They were the second tribe to come across Clearsight, and soon built a strong friendship with her.

When Book 10 takes place, the tribe is debating whether they should go back to Pyrrhia or not.


These dragons just have normal dragon names.

Royalty/ High Rank

Queen~ Aspen

King~ Shadow

Princesses~ Jay, Slither, Flash

Princes~ Boulder, Raven, Tortoise, Wave, Storm

Generals~ Sunrise , Slate, Cardinal

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