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AlienWings~ By MoonflightTheNightWing

Please do not copy or edit.

You do not need to ask to make a normal / royal / high rank or yadayadayada whatever kind of AlienWing, just do not take credit for creating the tribe.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Alliances
  • 4 History
  • 5 Naming
  • 6 Royalty/ High Rank

Art coming soon (Hopefully, I'm pretty lazy) 

AlienWings are large dragons covered in tough skin, with only a few scales down their backs. They have a crest on their head, back, and tail and can be pretty much any color possible with unique markings. The eyes of this dragon have white or pale gray slitted pupils, with a ring slightly darker than the base eye color around it. AlienWings do not have any bone or webbing in their large wings, and they look a lot like the crests down their backs.



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