I know no one is going to see this and even if they do, no one will care, some people might even be happy, which is exactly why I want to leave.

Recently I've been really offended by someone's response to a typo i made on an un-editable thing. I tried explaining to them, but i think they're already formed an opinoin thati'm a rude, stupid jerk who hates real real REALLY good art.

Further, I only have, like, two wiki friends and I really am not finding much enjoyment on the wiki, as i had felt when I first joined only 3 months ago.

I also get the vibe from a lot of users that my art is bad and hideous and shouldn't be featured on their pages. Also the feeling I'm unwanted, unwelcome, uncool, and just stupid, but I guess they're right.

This is not a blog to get attention and start a riot, but a genuine, actual question if I should leave.



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