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Nightseeker437 wrote: Remember in book 14 when Jerboa won't expand the great ice cliff so trump shows up and goes WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL and does it for her so the "illegal" pantalan immigrants can't get in?

Remember at the end of book 14 when Tsunami broke into the wall the second after it was finished and screamed "I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL" and Snowfal started dancing. Trump got so mad and tried to kill them both but couldn't because he was so small and forgot his gun.Oh, and then on the last two paragraphs:

Snowfall was singing about how Trump was mental, Tsunami was dabbing, and Jerboa was sending a telegram to all Pantalans telling them all to come to Pyrrhia. Seething with rage, Trump decided to find Fox News to try to tell them to spread the news about "illegal Pantalan immigrants." Unfortunately for him, Luna had burned down Fox News' HQ and had also set fire to anyone trying to spread right-wing propaganda, like those PragerU people.

Afterwards Jerboa told Trump, "Listen, scavenger. DRAGONS CAN FLY OVER WALLS!" And right then, Pantalans streamed over the useless, pointless, time-consuming, and money-wasting wall.

Trump had steam comeing out of his ears and was demanding to see the queen.

Trump: I dammand to see your queen!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He Shoted at an Ice Wing)

Queen Snowfall: I am the Queen.

Trump: Then command these dragons to go away!!!

Queen Snowfall: I cant.

Trump: Why Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen Snowfall: Because I am only queen of the Ice Wings. I cant tell the two Sea Wings or the other tribes what to do.

Trump: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhh.

He stomped away from them, he was so mad that steam came out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

Then CNN reported that trump was tweeting going to war with PyrrhiaThen Luna burned fown CNN toothen trump declared war on pyrrhiaBut he decided to tweet out all of his battle plansThen Kim Jong-un came and dragged Trump away and told him to focus on trying to start WW3, and that his Russian conspirators were waiting on him.Meanwhile, back on Earth, everything was chaos. Many world leaders, including Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and Xi Jinping, had been on the dragon world for a while, leaving their countries in complete anarchy. In their absence, for some reason, some famous invaders/conquerors had been reincarnated as dragons and Earth was a complete battle zone.

(More coming soon in book 15: "Many past empires have returned, like the First French Empire under a SilkWing wearing a bicorn hat who claims to be Napoleon...")

And a RainWing dresses up as queen Elizabeth and  rules Britain while drinking teaAnd the Othermind becomes HitlerAlso the Dragonets of destanie create a TV chale called DNS(Dragon News Chanal). Nappolian waches it and hear is what it said.

Glory: Today we are compareing Morrowseer the night Wing to Nappolian the human.

Tsunami: Glory will be the spoke person, Sunny and Clay will be describing Nappolien, and Starflight and I will describe Morrowseer.

Glory: So Clay, Sunny How would you describe Nappolion.

Sunny: He is mean, when I tried talking to him he waked my tail and shot me with something, it hit my tail.

(She raised her tail, ther was a black mark where her tail met her back).

Clay: He dose not like cows, I tried to offer him one and he stabed me with a knife, and used a torch to burn the cow.

(He turned around showing a scab in the middle of his neck).

Glory: Nappolion just got himself a free Venom bath. Anyway Tsunami, Starflight what do you think about Morrowseer.

Tsunami: Morrowseer is denly a frog faced blob of camall Spit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starflight: He is realy bad, but Nappolion sounds worse.

                     One hour latter.

Glory: We perseaved that Morrowseer is a Frog faced blob of camall spit but Nappolion is way worse. Good night people and dragons.


the Rainwing declare war on hitler the othermind

the Skywing take China

And the Rainwings are suddenly led by Nuke-happy Ghandi.Hey! I don't want to lead the RainWings!//evil laugh//Then  the Skywings build a wall so the scavengers can't get inremember when this quote chain wasn't long

-Nightcloak The NightWingFury


and then the LeafWings started a cult and sacrificed Hitler

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