Is this a thing? Well, it is now. If it's been done before, that's news to me.


Basically, I need inspiration. So I'll write a little fanfic on your OC, idk what the word count will be. Depends on how much I feel like writing. Yep. It won't be a story, per se, more like a what-goes-on-in-their-mind kind of thing.

Another thing I'm working on is separating and making definite, different personalities. So your OC might come off more sarcastic then they are because that's how I write. Because that's how I talk. Again, I'm working on improving that.

If I mess up their personality or something, just tell me so I can fix it. 

Here's where you'll find them: Short Story Requests, Fulfilled.


OC (must have a page!):

Basic personality:

Part of their history you want me to tackle:


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