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  • My occupation is oddness personified
  • I am a sleep-deprived cruncy roll...
  • Dragonarrow5767

    ok, hey dudes! ^^ sooo, I really don't know what I'm doing, I'm bored. and I'm conflicted cus I took the pottermore sorting hat, one on mobile one on the computer, and it said hufflepuff AND ravenclaw. 


    sooo idk maybe comment on whichever you think I am?


    thanks, I'll make ya a sloppy aesthetic too...//shrugs//

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  • Dragonarrow5767


    February 25, 2020 by Dragonarrow5767

    ill hopefully clean this up a bit

    //pats sigyn//

    you've been a good sona

    my first one to be honest,

    i've learned from you, and you've changed with me

    I think we've both grown a bit


    may you rest in peace uwu

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  • Dragonarrow5767


    February 17, 2020 by Dragonarrow5767
    • basically a shiny vain annoying butt dude
    • based off tamatoa from moana
    • dunno if I spelled that right
    • chochote //shrug//


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  • Dragonarrow5767

    i LIVE owo

    February 13, 2020 by Dragonarrow5767

    hey guys!!! :3

    welp, surgery's over, and i'm recovering, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting (o u c h) but oh my gosh, I feel insanely better,

    so I should be becoming more active now, AND IM GONNA BE RUNNING AGAINS O Y E S

    to do list

    • redo sigyn
    • finish art requests
    • work on imp, kaloa, and some other dudes
    • dabble in coding
    • improve my digital art
    • listen to some p!nk…

    hmm that's it I suppose, //salutes//

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  • Dragonarrow5767


    February 12, 2020 by Dragonarrow5767

    "I used to think life was one big, perfect utopia, but, i learned quickly fairytales don't exist. that bothered me, and for a while, it caused me to lose hope. but, i started to realize, real life is messy, and thats what makes it beautiful."

    "I learned to fit in the fast paced, shallow world, we have to change, I've changed so many times. to be recognized, and loved. but it wasn't right. the real me isn't perfect, and happy, and some shiny glass doll. no, the real me is broken, tired, and strange. and i'm ok with that. we all change many times, to make others accept us. but, we always go back to who we used to be."

    "our fun, messy, imperfect selves. so be them. be imperfect. the world can shut its mouth, it can't change you, only you have t…

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