Cloud of the IceWings

aka Cloud

  • I live in the skies, vibing on lovely little clouds, looking down upon you all. please get out of the camera shot i just want a picture of the scenery.
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is staring into the void of the universe, trying to catch that spark of motivation and always failing in the end.
  • I am definitely not a bot from a different planet trying to blend in with the rest of you, fellow humans that i am also of the same species as! (she/her)
  • Cloud of the IceWings

    closed bc im tired quickly this time 😔

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  • Cloud of the IceWings

    appearance notes:

    • pastel colors!!! but bright the one above is monochrome for the sake of just getting the details down
    • can be literally any color of the rainbow tbh
    • green is like. exceedingly rare though
    • so is brown
    • can have gray/white!! but that means there will be other brighter colors though
    • head, main body, ruff, tail (optional) and antennae
    • antennae can have any shape at the end!! go wild with them make them like the heart headband thing i don't care


    • will eat literally anything
    • varies from floof to floof
    • tends to prefer sugary things, although this isn't universal

    how they exist:

    • i don't know noctilucent tore apart clouds once and made them idk
    • literal clouds!! condensed into a solid form that can now be any color because Rainbow Rights


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  • Cloud of the IceWings
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  • Cloud of the IceWings


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  • Cloud of the IceWings

    alt title. messing around with cloud because art is hard

    aka art requests again -

    you know what ask for whatever you want. a random design? me overkilling it on a jadabase? a headshot for your favorite character? a headshot w/ one of thos fantastic pride flags? a low effort fullbody??? sure go ahead

    umu please don't,, ask for too much. each person can have two (2) requests because why not double the workload on myself? :D but yeah if you want a fullbody it will not be high effort bc well,, it's free i mean i -

    oh uh,,, leafwings are actually allowed!!! it's just the detailing will die because i said so. fanon tribes also allowed!! your half cat half dragon design is allowed!! request whatever dragon-like ish thing you want i will,, do it i guess …

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