(Just basic ideas for a tribe i'm making)

Bristle Wings

Appearance: Bristle Wings are fairly similar to icewings, they have long tough bristles that feel of boar hair that trail down their back  and to their tail. On the tip they have elongated bristles and sometimes bristles on their elbows. BristleWings are generally thin and agile, with long heads and tails. They have long ears and paws instead of talons. Feathered wings

Vocals: Oddly enough BristleWings seem to have an accent, it's more obvious with some than others. Their accent is usually English. Other than that, they have another language filled with low and high pitched clicks and squeaks, chuffs, and growls. They can also communicate using their tails, ears, heads, and even wings. (similar to sign language)

Diet: Since Bristlewings are smaller dragons in general they usually feast on rabbit, foxes, badgers, birds, deer, etc. Though some will eat greens such as ferns, grass, leaves, bushes, kale, carrots, fruits, vegetables, blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Very few BristleWings will eat bugs such as cockroaches, beetles, flies, spiders, butterflies, centapieds, ants, cattepilars, etc.


Bristlewings seem to be more custom to claw to claw combat than ariel, Bristlewings are agile and fast leaving them very thin and fragile in which doesn't give them to much of an advantage in battle since a medium strength bodyslam is enough to throw them off balance. Hunting is easy for bristlewings since they are agile and fast, allowing them to easily catch up to their prey, some bristlewings preffer to use weapons such as spears, knives/swords, and bow and arrows. Bristlewings carry a strong disbelief in guns and weapons similar, as they believe it is unfair to slaughter with it since it gives an unfair dis-advantage to the opponent or prey.


Bristlewings are generally festive dragons and enjoy the holidays;  December: Bristlewing espscially love december, mostly because of the snow but the holiday aswell. named "Snoggletog" (yes i know, httyd stuff) for this holiday the dragons celebrate life since december or "winter" is known to be harsh and un-forgiving; as proveven by their ancestors who died by the hundreds before finding techniques to survive. Everday of december the bristlewings will exchange a single gift until the 31st, where they gather in a large stadium to watch plays, contests and other forms of entertainment. at 4:00 PM they gather to watch the annual race.  w.i.p

Powers/Abilities: Bristlewings are deffinently one of the weaker tribes, being smaller than rainwings put them at a large disadvantage, but can other abilities besides strength be benificial? 

Speed: Bristlewings are very fast, giving them a good chance of outrunning the enemy. 8-10

Agility: Bristlewings have a very light and flexible build, making them decently agile. 7-10

Stealth: Bristlewings are extremely stealthy due to having paw pads, retractable claws, and feathers. 10-10

Strength: due to having hollow bones, bristlewings are a bit fragile and aren't generally strong. 3-10

Durabillity: Bristlewings have feathers, hollow bones, and small builds, making them weaker. 3-10

Custom abilities: BRISTLEWINGS DO NOT BREAH FIRE. Instead they breathe a mist-like gas that can ignite with a spark and explode. (Most bristlewings CANNOT produce the spark lr flame, and has to be produced by the enemy. Though this move is quite risky, since bristlewings have feathers that can easily ignite. But in return this can be fatal to the foe.) But on the bright side, Bristlewings have very long, sharp, hooked claws that can easily slice through the scales of a mudwing. All bristlewings are born with sharp fangs, but depending on their diet, this can change.

Animus and such; Animus is very very rare the chances are 1 in 700 bristlewings are animus, but even then their powers are limited and most likely wont be driven to insanity.


PLEASE note that BRISTLEWINGS ARE NOT AN OPEN SPECIES. Meaning that you may not create your own under ANY circumstances. Bristlewings belong to Anazari.

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