PyroWing Tribe

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Insignia Pyrowing

Description: Long lean dragons, great flyers, can withstand great altitude and heat.

Abilities: Can withstand heat/fire and great altitude, disappear, breath fire, great speed.

Location: Near the Northeastern Forest, in the barren lands.

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Flicker

Alliances: WildWings, MudWings, and SkyWings


Color is usually fading from dark shades of red, to light tints of yellow. (Ex: Crimson fading to dandelion yellow)

Possible scale colors:

  • Crimson
  • Saffron
  • Scarlet
  • Blood red
  • Red orange
  • Regular orange
  • Sunset orange
  • Cream orange
  • Orange yellow
  • Dandelion yellow
  • Regular yellow
  • Lemon yellow
  • Cream yellow

Spikes are usually mahogany, shiny, with tints of red.

Possible eye colors:

  • Red orange
  • Amber
  • Light Amber
  • Golden
  • Pale yellow

A genetic mutation in PyroWings is when the eyes are blue or green. A dragonet is more likely to inherit rare eye colors if both or one parent has a rare eye color. Fire is blue or green if eyes are that color.

Physical Description:

Most male dragons are fairly bulky, but female dragons can be slimmer. They are long dragons that can rival MudWings for size. They are usually very close to the size of MudWings, but it can fluctuate depending on factors such as environment and genetics.

The spines run fron the nape of the neck down to the tip of their tails. Patterns often vary and are unique to every PyroWing. Spines can be stubby, sharp, long, short, wide, or skinny. Their horns are somewhat like SkyWing horns: they curve and end in a sharp point.

The head is long and thin, much like an IceWing's snout. It is slightly block at the end, barely tapering into a point. The top of the head is fairly flat, and the eyes are located near there. They have medium sized ears just under the horns, the inside being much darker than the overall scale color. On the edge of the jawbone, their is a horn shaped much like a flickering flame.

Their wings are fairly large, nearly the size of a SkyWing's. The base of the wing arm is typically red, fading into yellow as it goes outward. The pale lemon colored membrane is partially see-through, giving the dragons a ghostly effect.

At the tip of the tail, their are flame shaped spikes. They can act as an effective weapon.


  • Able to withstand fire for thirty minutes at a time
  • Able to breathe fire
  • Able to become invisible, disappearing like a dying flame
  • Enhanced speed due to wing size
  • Can withstand high altitudes

Naming system:

Often named after fire related things, or shades of flame. (Very rarely shades of blue or green)


South of the SkyWing palace is the main part of the Kingdom. In the more barren areas near the WildWing Kingdom, there is also a second settlement. A few dragons are also located in Possibility.

Special Conditions:

The PyroWing tribe does have animus dragons, but only one remains living. His name is Scorch, and he can be found in the northern settlement.

Some PyroWings can withstand fire for far longer than thirty minutes. These dragons are known as Flametips.

Rare PyroWings can have blue or green eyes, their fire matching. This is a rare genetic disorder, and can be passed down from parent to dragonet.


Queen Flicker- Golden eyes, impaired eyesight, exceptional hearing ability

King Smoke- Blue eyes, black face of unknown origin, natural leader, relative elderly

Princess Flame- Golden eyes, black face of unknown origin, egocentric, good fighter

Prince Mahogany- Pale yellow eyes, sharp spikes, not able to withstand fire for more than ten minutes

Princess Saffron- Blue eyes, natural leader, much like her father, does not have the best manners

Prince Sunray- Gold eyes, complete rebel, one of the best fighters

Known Animus Dragons

Scorch- Orange-red eyes, very emotional, big wings

Scorch has been known to win most flying tournaments, and defeats most enemies, without using his powers. Some have said that Scorch has contained his powers after sending a scroll to his best friend. That is true and has contained his powers before anything else.


The PyroWings don't have many Alies but the ones they have are very strong. The WildWings are one. Other alies include Mudwings, and SkyWings.


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