Hello! My name is Tree! I'm an artist trying to make a living who also loves dragons and animals. I don't have coding because I'm an idiot who can't learn new things. My main sona is Tree, the queen of tree dragons in my OC story. 

Animal Crossing style!

Other things I love: Monster Hunter, Pokemon, dinosaurs, story ideas and worldbuilding, chicken sandwiches and sweets, fanart, Cookie Run, Animal Crossing, anime.


Here is where I'll post my art if I feel like it.

Tribe Bases

!DOWNLOAD FROM THIS LINK! Wiki destroyed the quality of the bases on here so you'll have to download from the google drive link. These are compatible with MS Paint.

Here Be Olde Art

Old Icon Bases

I recommend using an art program like firealpaca or medibang to color them if you want 

Old Bases

Free MSPaint friendly dragon lineart!~ Just credit me, TreeDragon, if you use it :3

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