The Streamy Gamer Cat

aka Strem, Crys, Streamy, Cat

  • I live in On the shippy ship
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Punning Icy (and other random stuff)
  • I am a hyperactive BlogWing

My sona ri

Hi! My name is Streamy (or Strem). I have quite a few ocs (read: a lot) and i'm taking coding requests! You can find some examples of my work lying around :P but i'm too lazy to code my own pages. Check out my blog post about Brightwings! Thanks and have a good day to all! :D <3

My OCs (heck this needs updating whoops)




Friends (add yourself i guess)


A kingdom of fire and ash A storm of wind and water

A tower of freaks, and what has fallen

and the ashes left behind

A kingdom of flames, crumbling

A storm of ice, melting

the crown you craved on the tip of your tongue

and ashes in your footsteps

A cloudless sky, shattered

The stars at night burn out

A crown of corruption before your eyes

but the ashes will always follow you

Tree after tree, burnt to the ground

Child of the sea, drowning

Mountains of stone at your feet

yet the ashes are still there

A crown of gold on your head

A kingdom of sand beneath

Talons of power, wings of gold

But the ashes will always be there

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