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Hi! I'm Starlight365. You can call me Star, or Light, or Starlight, I don't care. I'm an avid Wings of Fire fan! I both draw and write, but I write a lot more than I draw.


Owner of a Frozen Heart - Stopped 

Shadeseer's Sad Tale - Finished

The What-If Series - Stopped

To Kill A Knight - Finished

Showing Our True Colors - Stopped

Jaeger's Dreams - Stopped

Tales of the Elements: Storm of Secrets - Stopped

Talons of an Eagle- Not begun yet

Deadly Nightshade and Starlit Skies - Finished (after hours of work)

Dark Storms and Secrets Unveiled - Stopped

Whispers to an Empty Wind - Finished (probably)

Wings of Fire: Origin of the Tribes: Queens Series - Stopped

Yeah, I have a lot to go.

My OCs

Gavan - Araripe Manakin AviWing

Pyra - FlameWing (SOTC)

Rainwater - SeaWing (SOTC)

Crimsonblaze - NightWing 'animus'

Snow Leopard - IceWing (SOTC)

Jaeger - SeaWing (Member of The End)

Nightshade - NightWing (DN&SS)

Starlight - NightWing (DN&SS)

Coldsoul - NightWing (DN&SS)

Separateheart - NightWing (DN&SS)

Lily - RainWing (SOTC)

Willpower - NightWing (Meh...)

Storm that Brightens the Night - NightWing (A Healer of the Tribe of the Rising Sun)

Glade - RainWing (SOTC)

Rarity - RainWing (SOTC)

Jasper - RainWing (SOTC)

Glitz - RainWing (SOTC)

Violet - RainWing (SOTC)

Rainstorm Hue - RainWing (SOTC)

Paradise Hue - RainWing (SOTC)

Valiant - SkyWing (TE)

Aquila - SkyWing (TE)

Knightkiller - NightWing (TKK, adopted from Talonsofpeace123)

Clades - DeathWing

Dragons of Happy Dale (DS&SU)

Lance - SkyWing

Separateheart - NightWing

Nightshade - NightWing

Starlight - NightWing

Burningblizzard - Sky/IceWing

Ardent - SkyWing

Solemn (Sol) - SkyWing

Moonessence - NightWing

Dreamstalker - NightWing

Heartrender - NightWing

Abalone and Albacore - SeaWing twins

Ships I Support (Canon)

These are the ships I (mostly) support whole-heartedly. Tell me that any of my most-loved OTPs are stupid and don't make sense, and I will put Separateheart in your closet. Just know that somewhere, someplace... There is a loud bugle call that shall ring through your house, the NightWing barging out and shouting, "FOR THE NIGHTWINGS!". Just saying.

  • Starspeaker (OTP!)
  • Kestrillion
  • Whirlnami
  • Blistorrow
  • Cleril
  • Kinkanut
  • Fliper (Flame/Viper)

Ships I Do Not Support (Also Canon)

There are very few ships I do not like or are not at least neutral towards. These ships have the honor of not having a single grain of my support whatsoever.

  • Sunnyflight (...No comment.)
  • Blisturn (........................Sisters together romantically? That's kinda wrong...)
  • Squidspeaker (I have no idea where this came from...)
  • Will add more as time goes on.

Some Stuff You Should Know About Me

1) I HATE Mary/Gary Sues. I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM. If you think one of my characters is a Mary or Gary Sue, please, let me know. I want to improve my characters, not make them all-powerful! See Shadeseer's Sad Tale for more information.

2) I like editing stuff, so if you want me to edit a story, just ask, I'd be happy to!

3) I am not a user of any form of social networking site, such as Facebook, Instagram, or MySpace. Don't bring them up in a conversation with me. That means you, QoS.

4) Don't copy my work/writing without my permission, or I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND USE MY WEAPONS OF TRUE AND ABSOLUTE TERROR ON YOU. You have been warned.

5) I am one of those serious types. I sometimes take things as insults and/or mockery when they aren't. I apologize in advance if I do mess up. :3 I won't hold anything against you!

6) I update stories irregularly, shifting from one story to the next if I don't have any more inspiration for them. Don't explode if I don't update a story you like in a while.

7) That's it.

Anyway, thanks for reading this! Have a good day!

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