Seaviper the seawing

aka Past 🅱️oomer

  • I live in life
  • My occupation is being one of the few residential wiki grandmas
  • I am the resident queen of the wiki (in terms of years on actively)

Seaviper | Sea | She/Her | INFP-A | Asexual/Aromantic
Hey I'm Seaviper but you can just call me Sea or SV whatever is fine by you. I'm really nice and kind and not the kind that can get mad easily bc I'm super forgiving okay. Also feel free to message or PM me about anything I'll listen, or feel free to RP with me. I'm open to art trades/gifts in case you’re wondering. Requests are only for when I am avalible and in the mood.

My Buds
moods | wong | NS | SS | Kit | Haps | Rainbow | Resa

Creator Seaviper
Main Attribute Underestimation
Elemental Attribute Secretness
Theme Color purple
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Song Little Game-Benny
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation High School Student
Tribe Tribeless dragon
Goal To get high grades
Residence New Bridgeport
Relatives Mom-Wingeh



Allies Pretty much everyone on this wiki
Enemies Anyone that disrespects her or her friends
Likes Dragons, drawing, going onto the internet, reading
Dislikes Being bored, having drawer's block, mean dragons
Powers and abilities Can only change the color of her frill, can blend into dark shadows, can breath fire and spit venom
Weapons Claws, teeth, fire
Ships Undetermined
Quote "Life is just one giant prison. Days have the same routine, you’re bound to a lifetime of work, and if you ever mess up your entire life could be ruined."
Color Purple
Season Fall
Book Series Wings of Fire or Talon
Subject Art
Band Imagine Dragons or Glass Animals maybe
Place Somewhere nice and quiet in a forest, with a pond that has a small waterfall that feeds into it.
Clothes All yellow shorts and t-shirt
Time Sometime around a sunset
Smell Pine trees (Its nice and sharp but it also smells good)
Food Crabs or just any kind of seafood
Hobby Drawing
Feeling A nice, cool, brisk breeze on a fall morning
Pet Dog or Lizard
State Michigan
Person Me :) (wow I’m so egotistical and caring for others jk)

k I'm both serious and funny but trust me i don't like it when people be super annoying but don't worry thats not you or anybody here its irl people k

Hello! I am Seaviper the seawing, but you can just call me Seaviper. My love for the Wings of Fire series brought me here, and if honestly I never read the first book, I never would have even been here in this kind community! Thank you, Tui!

I am kind and caring, and love to be friends with people. I love to roleplay, whenever it will be a private one with me or a public one. I am often silly, but if you want me to be serious, I can be serious. I love dragons and drawing, and I also love mlp now and I am a semi-Brony? Okay, I will admit that the show is good. I am great at drawing dragons, good at other objects or animals, and suck at drawing people.

Often for non-serious roleplay's, you find me posting at least a paragraph, or two, long replies. However, if it is serious, I can post up to six-four paragraph replies. I tend to procrastinate a lot, and often forget stuff. However, a good reminder can always get me back on tracks. And if your wondering, I celebrate Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, other Christian Holidays and what not. However, if you're from another religion, I won't judge! We are all the same here, anyways. And if your wondering what that similarity is, it is that we all love the WoF series, and we're all FanWings!

You want to know more about me? Just see my dragonsona, SeaInk! </div> </div>









(Add yourself and/or a little thing about you if you want to be my friend, because if you ask me to add you, I'll probably forget)

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