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  • I live in art class
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Drawing I guess
  • I am pulling myself out of the abyss

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Welcome! I am Pearl, a local thread mod and dragon enthusiast

I’m currently busy with school, but feel free to message, I’ll respond as soon as I can <3

I enjoy discussing headcanons, theories, art tips/critiques, along with stuff on characters!! I also like talking about controversial topics and having civil discussions on them, though chatting about animals and colour schemes usually works

I am lgbt+ and support the community, though I despise what some people do in it,,,being lgbt+ doesn't stop you from being a horrible person!!!

Be nice and respectful to me and i'll do the same (unless we have negative history, though even then i'll do my best to be civil)

I hope to make your experience and day better than before!! <3

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