aka Night

  • I live in Ontario
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Writing, reading
  • I am a dragoness that would kill for a season 5 of Star


Why not use this code from my sona’s page too? Btw, coding by Cloud the SeaWing. Why don’t you listen to music?

10E100FB-5561-448C-879C-6AD6220AE0E8 Younger sis|only sis|10|sassy|sometimes annoying|gets along decent

4DD7BDA3-193E-450B-8F4D-6EC91D109257 Younger Cousin|basically sisters|7|hilarious|crazy|has Disney+ (grrr)


I do badminton, horseback riding in the summer with my friend, I used to do archery but then family problems happened that I won’t go into. Badminton is my most regular sport, though.

I love Selena Gomez, mostly because she happened to create the best song in the world I still have not outgrown. You can listen to it above, it’s the second song. Her new songs are also pretty great, I’m a big fan of her in general, she is very pretty.

I play the clarinet, and I can play one or two songs on the piano, I’m quite good at chopsticks and working on Mary had a little Lamb.

I have raised 7 chickens from birth, and they can all climb trees now because my cousin and sister and I are weird and it’s fun to throw them into trees. One actually climbed to the top once, she looks like an owl OwO.

I love to read, write, and draw, I do digital art, which you probably already know. Reading is the best thing ever, and writing brings my fantasies to life!

I am on an iPad device, just in case you are wondering, and tend to be pretty active on here. For some of my favourite WoF ships, characters, etc, start a conversation! I won’t bite. Neither will Ebony.

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The weird word based oc contest hosted by Snowball-due December 26th✔️

Rebooted version of the weird word based oc contest hosted by Galaxy-due January 15th✔️

The colour palette contest hosted by Delta-due December 12th✔️

The demons contest hosted by Blackberry-due December 15th✔️

The redesign character contest hosted by Nightgazer-due December 15th

The Animal/Nature based oc contest hosted by Frenchtoast-Due February 1st

The Legends Contest hosted hosted by Fear-due March 1st


The pixel gif inspired oc contest hosted by MEE-due February 7th

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~Japanese Maple

Art I’ve created

Ref of Princess Dragonbite for Wofan

Ref of Deep for Yinjia

Jada of Clink for

Ref of Whitecap for Ani

Jada of Mangobringer for Starflight

Headshot of Lacuna for Sby

Headshot of Canopy for Wolves

Headshot of Morganite for Ani

Headshot of Axo for Yinjia

Headshot of Starseer (DragonFire444) for Dragonfire

Headshot of Prince Dimitri for Pokeballmachine

Headshot of Inlet for Delta

Headshot of Sunrise (Luna) for Luna

Ref of Quickfoot for Viper

Random SeaWing Jada Ani stole

Random RainWing Jada Blackberrythepiratefox stole

Jada of Moth for Timberdash

Headshot of Claude for Pokeballmachine

Headshot of Kaolin for Speckles

Headshot of Sheras Moose for Piggyxl

Headshot of Luna (Delta) for Delta

Aurora Borealis IceWing Jada for Anazari

Headshot of Kore for Lexie

Headshot of Pearl Rose for Nova

Headshot of Mockingjay for Delta

Headshot of Princess Edelgard for Pokeballmachine

Headshot of Glaide for OcPerson

Ref of Scribble’s dad for Moonmoon

Two random Jadas for Moonmoon

One random ref for Moonmoon

Headshot of Schottii

Chibi fullbody of Viperstrike

Chibi fullbody based off ref

Cartoony headshot of Viperstrike

Fullbody of Kurante

Cartoony headshot of Nixie

Headshot of Aragami

Cartoony headshot of Moon-jellyfish

Random IceWing headshot

Alaska (QueenPeril) chibi

Fullbody of -Anima-

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