Light Fairy

aka Nixie, Essence :3

  • I live in my dreams
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is being an extremely gay, tired and procrastinating writer
  • I am a completely hopeless romantic, a crazy shipper, a Yuumi main, a hardcore music lover and a terrible rhythm game player

"No matter how it ends, I'll make sure it ends happily... for all of us."

Nixie/Essence | She/Her | 17 years | Writer | Lesbian | Ravenclaw | INFP-T

My sona's Nixie and my dearest mascot is Anima <3

Current Status: I'm... very happy? My heart almost feels like it's gonna explode from excitement! :D even though I'm a little sick not gonna lie-

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If you happen to stumble upon me in another place:

Discord: Light Fairy#7496 | League Of Legends: Aragami | osu!: Light Fairy


Your resident gay writer
About Me :3
Art By Ver!
Name Nixie/Essence
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Age 17
Hatchday May 16
Element Light and Ice
Spirit Animal White fox/cat
Preferred Colors Icy blue/faded silver/light purple
Aesthetics Moonlight / gentle waves / stardust / fantasy worlds / mythical creatures / ice crystals / glittery sugar / pastel candies / dove feathers
Theme Song

(mild swear!)

MBTI Personality INFP-T
More Stuff >:3
Strengths Good listener, quite patient, cool and rarely loses temper, generally kind, good imagination, empathetic, open-minded and non-judgemental
Flaws Really clumsy, procrastinates a lot, easily jealous, quite clingy, emotionally sensitive, lazy, can be very stubborn, a little cowardly
Orientation Straight... as straight as a sphere would be
Occupation Student/Writer
Goal To maybe succeed as a writer and to stop failing at my favorite games :3
Residence Wherever there's fantasy and gay shipping, there's me
Talents Singing, sharp hearing, writing skills, vivid imagination, great empathy c:
Love Interests I'm a single pringle who's not ready to mingle :c
Quote "Ermm you might be stuck with my weirdness for a while ahaha -"

Hello everyone, it's Light Fairy here, or better known as Nixie, or Essence, call me either :3 I may be a bit odd and generally quiet but I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me <3

I'm that one weirdo who loves rhythm games (esp. Deemo!), WOF, My Little Pony, HTTYD, Harry Potter and League Of Legends. I've also played various games before that I've not listed, so feel free to ask me about it or chat with me on this topic!

For my other general interests, I like music, blue/purple colors, romance, shipping weird ships (esp. gay ones), writing, reading and animals in general! And no, I cannot choose between cats or dogs, I love them both :3

I can actually speak a few languages, but I mainly use English and Chinese only, you can use either while communicating with me!

If you want to contact me through other means, I can be found on Discord c: (See ID above! I also write stories that might be considered to be more mature and that aren't allowed here, feel free to ask for them!)

If you need any help with character development, feel free to ask! I can also review/rate your characters and give you feedback or advice <3

Have a nice day everyone! <3

Meow XP

Here's a little bit more about me I guess (ashfdahkja I'm terrible at introductions so this is gonna be awkward)

So, I've actually learned how to code in CSS for quite some time, I've just never been here on this wiki, but since I read WOF recently and found out that it's AWESOME, this one goddess insisted that I came here >:3 Not to mention that she was the one who lent me all the books I've read so far woops

I'm a relaxed writer that likes to randomly say meow does things at her own pace. I specialize in writing emotional, really heart-wrenching, and also romantic stories. When I'm not writing or reading, I'm playing games or listening to music, or singing (and failing terribly at it :P).

I'm a good person to talk to when you have troubles, or just need someone to understand your feelings! While I cannot say that I'm super duper professional (ask a mod for that!), I know how most things work around here, such as character building and coding, feel free to ask me if you have any questions! <3 I won't find anyone annoying as long as you are not positively rude!

If you ask, yes I can speak Chinese, and if you want me to provide translated versions of English works, just ask away! <3 I also write stuff in Chinese, so yeah, ask me through Discord to get the links to the docs if you're interested. (It's likely you're gonna die from cringing though cause my writing's bad XP)

I cannot really draw, like at all, so if you want any art requests or trades I'm probably the wrong person to refer to, like literally, please don't die from looking at my art, if I ever post any, that is. >:3

And finally, I just wanted to add that I might not always be around due to my currently busy lifestyle. I'll be displaying really sporadic activity, cause my life is really unpredictable, as well as my physical health, so I cannot really be super-duper active, poke me if I ever forget something!

Oh, also, as an additional note, all the playlists/recommended music I'll eventually link will be all under Frosty's account, as she is kind enough to make them for me :3

Have fun on the wiki and happy flying to you <3

Just an additional note about my OCs here, most of them exist in a timeline that I've made up, so if you wanna add anyone to their relationships they should have RP'ed first c:

(Almost) All of my OCs are gay (and so am I!!!) so if you're homophobic or uncomfortable with this prospect, I'd suggest that you do not interact with my page and please refrain from commenting mean things just because of that alone! Thank you <3

Wait, you actually read up until here? Well, here you go then.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I'm short-sighted and do wear glasses irl, and my vision is seriously terrible
  • I'm right handed
  • Honestly I'm terrible at almost every game I play oops
  • I'm tired 24/7 and I'm not even kidding
  • I have a terrible sense of rhythm and tempo, even though I'm a big lover of a select few rhythm games
  • Examples of rhythm games I play are Deemo, Cytus, Cytus II, osu! and Arcaea (until my phone ran out of space and I was forced to uninstall cries)
  • I'm that person who hoards tons of pictures on her computer and forgot that they're there
  • I have an annoying habit of waiting until the last minute to visit the bathroom, because what do you know, procrastination
  • Unpopular opinion, but I absolutely love eggs (well of course not raw though lol)
  • I really wish I had wings and am able to fly
  • I love listening to a genre called artcore, as well as any form of soothing/relaxing/touching piano music or instrumental
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