Light Fairy

aka Nixie, Essence :3

  • I live in my dreams
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is being an extremely gay, tired and procrastinating writer
  • I am a completely hopeless romantic, a crazy shipper, someone who mains too many champions but loves Yuumi too much, a hardcore music lover and a terrible rhythm game player

“No matter how it ends, I'll make sure it ends happily... for all of us.”

Nixie/Essence | She/Her | 17 years | Writer | Lesbian | Ravenclaw | INFP-T

My sona's Nixie and my dearest mascot is Anima <3

Current Status: Time to jump back into the League writing department >:3

I have been around on this wiki for !

If you happen to stumble upon me in another place:

Discord: MeowingEssence#7496 | League Of Legends: ANiMA | osu!: Light Fairy

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I have an alternate FANDOM account called Fractured Crystal and I might make edits on there <3

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