aka The WIP Queen

  • I live in A dream
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Drawing... stuff...
  • I am Salty

The cafe.

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Hello there my names InterGalacticFly or, just Fly for short. Your welcome to come and say hi and chat with me. I also enjoy doing things like roleplaying and Art trades. X)

You can learn more about me at my sona's page.


Things to do

-Finish sona

Random stuff I like



-Dragons and Drakes


-The majority of musical genres

-Video Games(I won't list them all but I'm currently into; Pokemon, Hollow Knight, Legend Of Zelda.)

-Everything Art

-All colors

-Biology, Astronomy...You know Science stuff

-Books as in stories and adventures

-California Red woods

-Rocky Mountains

-Coral reefs


-The natural Beauty of nature

-Salmon and Sushi

-Stained glass and mosaics

-Earthy colors and tones


Stuff that I don't like...

-Me being a rookie at coding

-Overly processed foods

-When people say they hate vegetables

-Ships I don't like; Winterwatcher, Starspeaker, Moonbli,

NOTE: This doesn't mean I think the ship is un-cute or impossible(some are canon), it is simply that their are better options for these characters that are more preferable.

-People who kill animals without any reason to

-The way the second arc was ordered

-That we don't have more Legends or Winglet books and short stories. I want the third arc just as much as the next person, but adding little window's into other dragons lives are important to.


This is just so I don't have load a whole bunch of tabs on my laptop when I want to listen to tunes.

-I love chiptune

-I love Orchestration

-I love electro swing

-I enjoy chill wave a lot

-Video game tunes that I enjoy

-I find weird trash that I enjoy

I like drawing


Well here is just a little art corner were I'll put little thumbnails of my art here and there.

I'm open to art trades if anyone wants to have one at the moment.

Edgy doodled Icewing

Characters I've created.

Just a list of my original characters so that I won't forget or misplace any of them. Believe me, I most definitely would forget about some of the more Wip like characters.

(I hope that's all of them.)


Cavoline (IGF)





Tarantula (IGF)

Serac and Fractal





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