aka Frosty

  • I live in in a land far, far away
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Terrible Writer
  • I am a goddess that procrastinates too much

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Frosty | She/Her | 17 | INFP-T | Ravenclaw | Bi | Terrible coder and writer

"No matter how many times you kill me, I will still be a survivor."

Frosty is my main sona and Bright is my lovely mascot. <3

You can check out my all of my sonas and other characters here!

I'm now currently on hiatus but if you'd like a friendly guide, you can always refer to my lovely friend Nixie, she's a really great person and super nice <3

The Goddess Of Carries
Basic Stuff
Real Name Frosty
Hatchday 16 May
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Element Light
Spirit Animal Dragon, pegasus, unicorn
Pronouns She/Her or They/Them are both fine
Theme Song Disappear - Evanescence
MBTI Personality INFP-T
Ennegram Type Level 3/4 4w5
Alignment Chaotic Good
More Details
Age 8 years (DY)

16 years (HY)

Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual Biromantic (preference for females)
Occupation A terrible writer with fantastic dreams
Tribe SkyWing/IceWing hybrid
Goal To become an actual writer some day, to finally not suck at coding
Residence A realm of my own dreams
Three Words To Describe Me Unpredictable, misunderstood, complicated
Strengths Generally calm, difficult to truly anger, forgives easily, knows when to shut up, imaginative, kind, most of the time patient, willing to change, accepting and open-minded
Weaknesses Very sensitive, forgives but doesn't forget, lazy, likes to procrastinate, introverted/shy, socially awkward, can unintentionally sound demanding
Likes Coffee, reading, video games, comedy, nonsensical stuff, romance/sad stories, emotional songs, making other dragons happy, being at peace, having new friends, nice compliments, sweet things, empathetic dragons, League Of Legends, shipping nonsensical things that are gay, sleeping
Dislikes Mean dragons, intentionally hurtful comments, when my feelings are not acknowledged, constantly getting interrupted when I talk, too much attention, no one listening when I speak, being ignored completely, being rejected, my own insecurities and fear, bloody/gory things, dark stuff, violence/too much drama, any form of abuse/hate
Talents Writing, fast reading speed, decent language skills, knowing how to keep a calm facade, shutting up, spying.
Quote "Hi there! Did you summon the Goddess?"

Current Thought: If you see this, please, take some time to give a compliment, to anyone, whenever. No matter how small, it can make their day. <3

Current Status: I'm... exhausted. Drained. But I'm alive... not exactly back.

Coding Trades: Closed

I only accept art as return payment! Traditional or digital is fine. Please show me examples.

Coding Requests: Only open for close friends!

I'm especially happy to assist newbies, please do not be afraid to talk to me, even if you deem your question stupid! I have been there before myself - everyone has - so I can assure you, you're not being annoying and neither are you dumb. <3

Have a nice day/night!

Welcome each and everyone of you to my userpage~

I'm the Goddess Of The Carries, a majestic being that commands light to chase away darkness~ Though you may just call me Frosty! Everything you need to know is in the box beside this, but I'll be covering things in detail below. I'm your resident user who couldn't really call herself a pro, but is always happy to help. Keep in mind I won't be professional, so if you're looking for someone who is, it isn't me. However, if you're looking for a friendly user who might just guide you through the basics, look no further. <3

Feel free to talk to me! Especially if you love crackships which most of them are gay, you are free to scream about it with me.

I love writing Romance and Sad stories, and being a bisexual myself I tend to ship characters of the same gender. Believe me, I might be bi but I'm more gay than you think. I'll write that in the description of the story to warn you if its the case, but do not hate me for that! I hold true to the belief that love can be found anywhere. If you make intentionally homophobic comments towards me, I'll ignore you completely/report you.

Also, I sometimes have a problem with sounding rude/bossy/offensive when I don't intend to. Feel free to tell me when I do sound like that, but keep in mind that I never mean whatever I say in a bad way. I sincerely hope that those I have hurt before with my words unintentionally will forgive me.

A Little Bit More About Me

So, I know that you all probably have read enough text in the box on the right, but I just wanted to elaborate on a few more important things about me.

First and foremost, know that I'm an true introvert. You'll probably put me in the top 10 list of the most introverted creatures on this land. If you want to strike up a conversation with me, you'll have to make the first move. I'm sorry, but I'm too passive and shy to muster up the courage to actively seek out friends (unless we've interacted positively before, in which I might leave a message on your wall as a response), and my insecurities stop me from just going around to say hi. I know I might seem unapproachable, but I'm not. I honestly love to know that there are people willing to talk to me <3

Secondly, I'm very, I repeat, very sensitive. Sometimes it won't even seem like it's your fault, but I'll still feel a jab. I try to cope with it, but it's still like a permanent part of me. If you want to say anything remotely hurtful, I'd suggest you refrain from doing so, or deliver it in a gentler way. Please do not, I repeat, do not say anything to me that you have a clashing opinion on with mine. I do not wish to start fights or even cause any form of disagreement. Believe me, I've stalked this wiki and I've seen some of your personalities - some of you are just too aggressive for me to ever approach, and vice versa.

I do not intend to sound demanding or snobbish, sorry if I come off as that. Don't worry - I won't hold a grudge against you if you accidentally hurt me. It's not in my nature to hate for long :)

Otherwise, you can talk to me about almost anything (minus sensitive topics). Yes, literally, anything, with respect to my likes and dislikes, of course. You don't have to exactly tell me everything I want to hear, but please keep horror movies/gory pictures/dark news/horrible stuff in general out of my bubble.

Also, if you have a problem with me rambling about my ships/romance, then you might not want to converse with me on that topic~

I'm now eternally torn between shipping Cloudbreaker and Stormrain cause they're both so adorable oml

Where Else Am I Found On

I have a Flight Rising account here. I'm also on YouTube, FIMfiction, formerly Fanfiction (before it got banned in where I live...) as GoddessOfCarries. I'm a League Of Legends player, and if you are ever so lucky to find me, I'm still GoddessOfCarries in my server.

If you recognize my username on fanfiction sites, check out my profiles and genres to make sure. If they're all lovey-dovey and/or sad stories then yes, it's me. I usually leave a little bit of info on my profile pages as well so yeah. I'm also super awkward at introductions so uh you get the point...

More Details

I really dislike insects and wriggly things like worms, so please, please keep those far away from me. (even my dragon form can't burn them :<) I also hate it when people try to assert their opinion too hard, or say hurtful stuff whenever they do so. Please don't ever start arguing with me because you see that one of my beliefs/likes/dislikes clashes with yours (unless you mean it jokingly/all in good fun).

On the topic of music, I listen to almost everything, but rap music is seriously off-limits for me. If you wanna recommend anything, go ahead! Just not rap, please. (I only have one or two exceptions to this) I do have preferences for sad/uplifting songs and those with a beautiful meaning/voice/nice tune!

(I might have an own personal playlist but maybe later idk atm)


If you have many burning questions about what I like and dislike, then here they are. All of these are non-WOF related, you can know my opinions regarding WOF-specific stuff through a conversation with me.

Some of my favorite songs are this, this and this. Oh and maybe this and this... maybe that and also this... my theme song is too... yeah, okay, I can go on forever if I wanted to... okay I promise this is the last one... haha nope.

About non-verbal music... hmm... this, this(YES I'M AWARE THAT THEY ARE THE SAME AS THEIR SONG COUNTERPARTS BUT SNIASDJIJSSD WHO CARES I'M PUTTING IT), this and this. Yeah, this too, and this.

For music in general, I like electronic/pop/metal/instrumental.

I likely prefer savory over sweet foods.

My two other major fandoms are My Little Pony and League Of Legends.

My favorite color is, in case you haven't noticed, blue.

I live somewhere without four seasons (rip me) but my favorite season would likely be spring/winter.

I mainly write about romance and sad things, tragedy and drama etc.

As above, I like all the above genres, along with comedy. I also write possibly the gayest things

I have no specific type of preferred jokes.

I have no preference of day or night. I'm tired 24/7

I cannot decide between cats and dogs. I love both of them equally.
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