:・゚☆✧ Marx/Glam ★ Any pronouns ★ Ace/Aro :・゚☆✧

My main sona is here, and my Pantalan sona is here!

I mostly do art stuff. Statuses are on my message wall!

I really like pink. And pink dragons, especially SeaWings! If you have one, feel free to link their page and I'll check it out!

I also like Splatoon, Starbound, Kirby, Warriors, Pokémon, Undertale, Hiveswap, and Flight Rising a lot- especially the first 3. (And of those, especially Splatoon. Who wouldn't love a game about post-apocalyptic squid people? Though I DID get my name from a Kirby character...) I also love Wings of Fire but that's a given seeing as this is a WoF wiki!

I've played a bit of Hollow Knight as well, but I'd be lying if I said I understood it very well. It's still been fun so far, though!

Don't be afraid to talk to me or ask me questions or anything- I may not always have a response, but rest assured, I do at least read everything!

Art Examples:

Free to Use Joy Ang Design Headshot Bases

Free to Use Alternate Canon Tribe Design Fullbody Bases

:・゚☆✧ Other Places To Find Me :・゚☆✧

DeviantArt: GlamorousSneaking

Tumblr: GlamorousSneaking

Flight Rising: MarxSoul

Instagram: glamoroussneaking

Discord: GlamorousSneaking#1330

Switch Friend Code: SW-6849-1033-3411

Quotev: @splatcharger

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