aka potato

  • I live in a state of dreaming
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is owo
  • I am perpetually tired
Forest being stupid hours

pretty girls don't know the things that i know

❅ ~ FOREST ~ ❅

female / ice skater / entp-t / forest

hi im forest and im just doing my very best,,!

i've been around for a while and i'm usually able to be found working on my characters and generally chatting with people. i promise i don't bite, and if i ever sound mad it's probably not because of you. sometimes i won't respond to your message even if i'm active because i got a stroke of inspiration or i'm just not up to social interactions at the moment.


louvre#3857 : arboraceous : forestfire.28

code / art / sandbox / to-do / content / sona

the fire finds a home in me

i've been vibing for January 10 2018 03:00:00

they don't dance and tell

bot // clown // bird // berry // worm // bean // lion

it's a switch flipped, a pill tipped back, a moon eclipsed
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