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Hi, I'm Featherflight, but you can call me Feather. I am full SkyWing, but IceWings are pretty cool. Oh, ha ha, maybe it's because they're so ICE-SOLATED from the other tribes... MUA HA HA. I'm a chatty bean, so feel free to shoot me a message. I'm also kind of a goofball and I enjoy a bit of mischief now and then- but I don't like rude or mean people one bit, so, don't talk to me if you're either of those things.

W.o.F, Wolves of the Beyond, Ostrich, Warriors, Survivors, birthday cake ice-cream, niceness, maned wolves, HiveWings, dogs, Hufflepuff, wolves, geckos and hedgehogs, and niceness.

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Feath Feather FF Featherfight Featherfluff Featherbab Twin Flight Chicken Feather Featherdab Pillow Apprentice

For Mistyyyy

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