Cloud of the IceWings

aka Cloud

  • I live in a stellated dodecahedron.
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is looking for fellow boneless individuals.
  • I am stealing your bones.

you incapable fools.

i blame luke fully.


September 20 2017 00:47:00 | February 23 2018 08:39:00

156 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes and 0 seconds of shared existence


DeviantArt: NoctilucentSkies | Flight Rising: Asperitas | Discord: CloudyFeathers#2077

hello!! im cloud!! currently an apprentice thread moderator and resident of the wiki for two years now. i might seem scary and intimidating, but im really not!! i don't bite (well, i do. don't be a pushy jerk and i'll be nice though.)

uhh so yeah. ask me if there's something you need to know? i am trustworthy. i think.

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