Cloud of the IceWings

aka ☁️

  • I live in a very nice corner of the universe
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is procrastinating
  • I am dead

Cloud | 14 | ♀ | Artist/Student/Writer | Asexual

every irritating action leads to an increased and opposite reaction


Hi! Welcome to my profile. This might be a little disorganized, so you'll have to live with that...

School is currently in session so I might not be on all the time. The fact that I literally cannot live on less than nine hours of sleep will also limit my time on here, so please understand if I don't reply right away!

I do a lot of art and coding here, but please check on my message wall to see if it's open before requesting.

I also have a fanfic request thread somewhere...

This is Squiggle! She's my virtual pet squirrel. She only eats nuts.

And berries.

And sugar. Lots of sugar. But only the kind that's like large white cubes.

Also she names all the acorns Alicorn before eating them for some reason???

She's a weirdo

Like me!

I've been on here for September 20 2017 00:47:00

It's been a long, long time.

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