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September 19 2017 2:00:00

hey there! name's cloud!! i don't really go by anything else but i'll gladly take any other nicknames into stride! i am definitely not secretly a robot, no matter what the captchas say. yeah no. no way. none at all, most certainly not. uhh otherwise i guess im not super exciting tbh.

feel free to chat with me on my message wall! im not into many fandoms besides wings of fire, unfortunately, but i'd love to discuss dragons with you! notable opinions include that i love sunny. moonjou, qinter, and wildew are the only ships i vibe with. darkstalker is terrible and atrocious. darkness of dragons and the hive queen are incredibly forgettable.

im interested in minecraft!! a bit of pokemon as well although that's more for nostalgia. also rwby is cool. rwby is very very cool! i would enjoy chatting :D

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please don't contact me elsewhere without first telling me what your wiki username is!! i don't like getting random friend requests from usernames i don't recognize, i hope you understand! (this mostly applies to discord)

Flight Rising: Asperitas

deviantArt: NoctilucentSkies

Art Fight: CloudyFeathers

Discord: CloudyFeathers#2077

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