aka Master UwU

  • I live in The bidimensional realm of Dragonquest
  • My occupation is Loving fictional characters that can’t reciprocate my soul being sold to them
  • I am Slowly descending into Nintendo hell


Silvally Multi Attack
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Flyingarya I have been on the wiki for Flyingarya

Is this a fanfiction? I’m calling the police!

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Villains and random obscurities!
Mario Madness

Kirby Kick

Assorted Others

Favorite WOF book: Moon Rising
Least Favorite WOF book: Darkness of dragons(imeanseriouslythatendingtho)
Favorite Character: Moonwatcher
Least Favorite Character: Either Tomorrowland(Morrowseer) or the giant ball of OP doom(Darkstalker)
Favorite Tribe: Icewings, boi
Least Favorite Tribe: aah... um... n o n e ?

Random facts if you're interested.

  • I want to be a video game designer
  • I may or may not do a mini series for wof
  • My favorite video games I have played is Epic Mickey, Mario Sunshine, and Mario Galaxy
  • The all time best competetive video game is Mario Kart. Change my mind.
  • I can be found on Flight Rising, pokefarm, and amino (all same username)

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A glass icewing

Have an art

Everything profile Arya

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Kirby has stolen my soul

  • None

A little linky for me so I can get here bodwboop selkies dingysaurs beans continents mario rose wine appreciate the pokes

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