aka Smiles. Smiles will haunt your dreams

  • I live in Cappy Kingdom. My otters are my subjects.
  • My occupation is sniffing scented candles, getting mad at Taylor Swift for switching to Pop
  • I am a country music loving oddity

Hello! I'm Animal56, but call me Animal or Ani. Or, the wiki Oddball!

P.S. pfp made by Piggy

coding by pokeball

My Friendos 

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Whitecap (Main)

Alexandrite (Alt)

Forestfire (2nd alt)


Movie: October Sky (It's really, really good!)

Food: steak. Fresh and healthy foods, nothing canned or greasy in a bad way

Book: WoF, duh. But I also like Nothing to Fear, Wonder, Upside Down in the Middle of nowhere, The Westing Game, books about lil' doggos, yeah.

Game: I don't play plug in games like Pokemon, but I play Animal Jam (Very rarely).

WoF book: Two, four, eight, twelve, thriteen

WoF tribe: Personally, I like all of them. But SeaWings, IceWings, SkyWings, LeafWings and NightWings fit me best.

Animal: (Ha, ha pun intended) I really can't choose. I love 'em all, but I have to go with all in the family of Canis.

Hobby: thinking about stuff/arting?

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