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Uproar//TempestWing//He, Him//Nefarious//Secretive

Uproar is based on the character from the Marvel series, Loki, although please do not spam the comments with "I love Loki!" or "Nice Loki reference!!!!!" or anything similar to those words. I do not own Loki, he was created and currently owned by Marvel. Credits to FR team for the image.

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> Gender male
> Occupation advisor
> Creator  bullfrog
> Age 34 (in human years)
> Tribe tempestwing
> Credits the FR team for the wondrous image :)

> A p p e a r a n c e <

Uproar has draping, sage like sashes that hang from his wings elgantly and daintly. They also currently study and worships gods and goddesses, as well as study runes and the mysterious ways of the old ancestral kings and queens. Their tan, jet, raven black feathery NightWing wings are silky and smooth, and they have a long, slim thin prohensile tail. The tips of his wings are a vibrant, auroral gold, with feathers lining his back and snout. He has golden, shimmering, gleaming gauntlets on his ankles and talons, with several golden, shining rings as well. In contrast with his golden, solid scales, he has a feathered  headband and monarch butterfly patterned feathers that line his back.


> P e r s o n a l i t y <

They are arrogant and untrusting to others, apart from being extremely, undyingly loyal to their queen and king. They are true and passionate about their tribe, and are overly protective and suspicious of trespassers who may be a threat to their kingdom. They were once in the running for king, but twas denied by sly, distrustful advisors. They hope to be the most powerful ruler of Pyrrhia. 


> R e l a t i o n s h i p s <





> G o a l <

His previous goal was to reign as the ruler of Pyrrhia, like his descendant, Darkstalker. When knowing it was virtually impossible to conquer all of Pyrrhia, he set his goals to Pantala. He is ultimately curious about the place, and ponders various futures seeking knowledge about these unknown tribes. He plans to bargain with Clearsight to let him into Pantala, in return for either treasure, or a special keepsake from one Darkstalker's spells. Darkstalker found all his descendants when he was reborn, and each gave them a special gift, each and every one of them, except Clearsight. Uproar knows he could trade visitation for this treasure, since it really meant nothing to him.


> C u r r e n t  R P s <

The Lab of Pyrrhia


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