Twinkle is a newborn LightWing, Lucina's daughter, and a major character in the fanfic NightWing and the Blade of Light whose egg was discovered in the Rainforest Kingdom by Lucina.



Twinkle is shown to be very curious and always loves to explore. She does not like to fight other dragons, like her mother and her grandmother.


Twinkle comes from the word of the same name, meaning to shine and gleam rapidly.

Fanfiction appearances

Dragon Emblem Series

NightWing and the Blade of Light

Twinkle is Lucina's daughter who was found in the Rainforest Kingdom.


"So trees help RainWings... How do they benefit us?" -Twinkle to Mikoto.


  • Despite Lucina not being Twinkle's real mother, her current real mother (and father) is unknown.
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