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Tuna has navy blue gills, sky blue scales, baby blue fins and wing membranes, teal horns, eyes and underbelly, minty glowstripes, and an average build.


Tuna tends to be caring yet stubborn sometimes. He can be a show-off sometimes, but only because he feels like a lesser dragon compared to everyone else. He'd die for his friends, his undying loyalty visible at all times. He's easily confused, which is surprising.


Tuna's gills don't function at all, so he can hold his breath for a few minutes at a time only. He almost drowned once, so he's deathly paranoid of swimming and the ocean. He has better flying abilities than the average SeaWing, due to the fact he refuses to swim. He knows the basics of Aquatic, but anything more complex, such as whatever rhododendron is in Aquatic, will confuse the heck out of him.




Snowcloud: Honestly? He's a blushing mess around her.

Splash: Contrary to popular belief, they didn't meet in a swimming competition.

Scrollobserver: He tried to be nice to her, he swore, but she ignored him. Tuna still wants to think of her as a friend though.

Thistle: He knows him as the dragonet that won't shut up, the one with creativity and imagination, the one who- You know what, Tuna should shut up because any more talking and it'll sound like he has a crush, in which case, he doesn't. Thistle probably likes him though.

Isopod: Isopod and Tuna have been best friends for most of Tuna's life in the Sea Kingdom. Tuna miiiight've and by "miiiight've" I mean definitely had a small crush on him at one point.

Cobalt: He's loved her for a while, and she seems to have some feelings for him as well. Although, in the end, they weren't much of a "couple".

Seaweed: Seaweed reminds him of Whirlpool, who Tuna really doesn't like from what he's heard about him. What's worse, in his opinion, is that he makes his friends uncomfortable.

Swordfish: He doesn't have much of an opinion on her, although he worries about her sometimes.

Betta: Tuna denies the fact he has a crush on him.

Tucuxi: He has a pretty good relationship with his father.

Surge: He has a pretty good relationship with his mother



-Winglets: Tuna (also found here)