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Trenchstream, by Seastorm


Trench is a black female SeaWing/DeathWing hybrid, with silver light-up stripes, horns, wing claws, claws, and teeth. Her webbing and wing membranes are a deep sea blue, and her eyes are a light frost blue. The webbing on her only is on her head and ends at her neck, starts near the end of her body and ends at the beginning of her tail, and is also on the tip of her tail. She also has gills and fishhook claws, though they are blunter than a average SeaWing's fishhook claws. She can become transparent and also spit venom, from her DeathWing side, though the venom is very weak and can only make a dragon sneeze if inhaled. Her stripes only appear on her webbing and edges of her wing membranes, and there are some on her head. Her wings have a short length, shorter than a average dragon's wing length, but a long width, longer than a average dragon's wing width. This allows her to swim faster and catch more air on her wings.

She has a thin build, and has no muscular tail, just a thin, long one. Despite this, she is still very strong. She has webbing in between her talons, and her gills are slightly smaller than normal, but she still breathes underwater fine. She cannot see in the dark, and mostly uses her light-up stripes to guide her through the dark. She sometimes wears a skull mask with blue whisp engravings on it, and it also has holes carved out where her light-up stripes are. However, she mostly chooses not to wear it, for it is hard, limits her vision so she can only see forward when her head is forward (think of an owl and how it has to turn it's head to see what is on its sides. It is pretty much the same with her and wearing the mask.)

She has a long snout, and a small, silver horn on the tip of it. Her horns are mostly straight, but with some slight curves to them. Her wing membranes that connect to her body have a spiral on them, but it looks nothing like the pattern that a normal SeaWing has. She is slightly slower than a normal dragon at flying and running, but very fast in the water, especially with her wings. She also has fins on her shoulders, and if you look closely, the webbing connects to one of the membranes on both of her wings.


You can usually find her with a nonchalant face on, and while you think that she is calm, she could be sad, mad, or nervous. Yes, she usually chooses to hide her feelings, especially around strangers. She is almost always nervous when she is trying or doing something new, for she is afraid she will screw up or do something wrong that will get her displeasing feelings of her or looks. She is often teased for her strange looks, and she often gives them sassy looks or words in return. She never tries to use force when unneeded, but sometimes she will snap. She has used brute force before, and she won't be afraid to use it again if she gets teased or bullied.


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