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Artist Artist
Background Information
Creator dins
Main Attribute quietness
Elemental Attribute desert storms
Theme Animal text
Theme Color white/pale blue
Theme Song talk to me - cavetown, oh klahoma - jack stauber
MBTI Personality text
Character Information
Age 13dy/28hy
Gender female
Orientation straight
Occupation glassblower
Tribe tempestwing
Nicknames thun, thunder, weirdo
Goal to find a good friend group
Residence text
Relatives text
Allies text
Enemies text
Likes text
Dislikes text
Powers and abilities text
Weapons text
Ships text
Quote text

You don't have to be a hero to save the world

It doesn't make you a narcissist to love yourself

It feels like nothing is easy; it'll never be

That's alright, let it out, talk to me

Thunderhead. She matches her name, at least. Thunder is an unusually tall dragoness, which only adds to the fear and confusion about her. Her scales are black, or at least dark grey, each outlined in a pale grey that only accents the scars slashed across her body. Her snout and body in particular are marred with lots of scars, as though she was chained at some point. Her wings, like most Sparks, are feathered, and even these feathers are outlined in pale grey. Since feathers don't hold scars, only a few broken shafts scattered throughout speak of her past abuse. Her eyes, a calm, subtle blue, don't betray any of her inner feelings.

When she's angry, this is a different story.

All her past spite and fury come exploding out when she's angered. Most dragons would say, with good cause, that she can be terrifying. She uses her height to intimidate, and perhaps the most surprising thing: all the light grey on her body glows white. Even the outlines on the feathers. Often she'll have lightning weaving around her, crackling along her body and percolating at her claws, her tail, and her horns. If she really wants to hurt someone, with a flick of the claw she'll electrocute them. If she believes someone deserves pain, oh, she knows how to make it painful. Sometimes she wishes she didn't, but she does.

You don't have to be a prodigy to be unique

You don't have to know what to say or what to think

'You don't have to be anybody you can never be

That's alright, let it out, talk to me

  • melancholy
  • unshakably calm unless her buttons are pushed
  • most dragons are afraid of her since she's a spark
  • withdrawn
  • only a few friends who understand here
  • a few things that will set her off are asking about her scars and mocking her, but she's learned to suppress her anger and release it later

We can talk here on the floor

On the phone, if you prefer

I'll be here until you're okay

Let your words release your pain

  • ow my head hurts
  • uh she was abused physically as a child for daring to be a spark
  • got taken by dragon cps and dumped in foster care
  • fosters were ok, or at least better than her parents
  • got sent to work at a freakshow the instant she turned 7
  • would shock the other workers on the show, she tried to be gentle but if she didn't put on a good enough performance she was chained up
  • hated hurting people so she designed a plan with her friends
  • whenever she needed to put on a show she would pretend to shock them and they would play along
  • she got by ok for a while until the old owner was murdered and the freakshow was passed to someone else
  • this dragon was physically and verbally abusive and some of the more violent workers conspired to kill him
  • thunder tried to stop them but she was too weak and they managed to kill him
  • she was out of a job so she wandered the streets until a kind glassblower took him in
  • he took her under his wing and taught her his art
  • he didn't know she was a spark and all went well for a while
  • one day a customer came in, it was one of the old freakshow workers
  • she mentioned to thunder about her old work and this made her so furious that she shocked her
  • he was shocked and angry, and kicked her out, but she started her own glassblowing business with the small store of money she'd saved
  • she managed to continue working, though barely, and she eventually outcompeted him and his store went out of business
  • he came to her asking for a job and she, never being a vindictive dragon, allowed him to work at her shop
  • WIP

Set the phasers to rot

What has got you distraught?

It's negative attention at best

Don't put me to rest

  • none for now

Tears falling down at the party

Saddest little baby in the room

Fears, tell me, fears- don't get me started

I get a little grey hair for every scare you share


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