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Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Artist type here
Main Attribute Responsibility
Elemental Attribute Lightning
Theme Animal Bear
Theme Color Pale yellow
Theme Song Thunder (By Imagine Dragons)
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 9
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Solider
Tribe TempestWings
Goal Be a good example
Residence type here
Relatives Avalon, Swiftstrike, Sunstrike, Nightwhisper, Windsong
Allies Swiftstrike, Sunstrike
Enemies type here
Likes Storms
Dislikes Silence
Powers and abilities Charging, Heighted Senses
Weapons Dagger
Ships type here
Quote "Its okay, the storm will soon pass"


Thunder is a dark navy blue with an even darker blue belly. His eyes are a bright blue and his transitional scales are a pale, almost white, yellow. His wing membrane is a dark blue with blue and yellow stripes that match his transitional scales and eyes. His upper scales fade from blue to musty yellow and travel up his spine to a pale yellow. His spine has a stripe of light blue through them that he dyed on. His claws and horns are curl like a SkyWing's and fade from grey to cream. Thunder has tattooed across his neck a branching lightning bolt that starts at his head and ends at his shoulder. The tattoo is white and appears to be flashy. Thunder has smaller lightning bolts that branch from his transitional scales to the middle of his belly down to the tip of his tail.


Thunder is a very trusty guy and lovable. He takes great care of his siblings and makes his parents proud. Thunder is very loyal to and very responsible. He always works to be a good example to his siblings, even if it means to join the army. Thunder is very courageous and likes to say, "I laugh in the face of danger."

Thunder is very charming too and will most likely be the first one of his siblings to get married. As much as he is tough, his has a soft heart and will be a pure gentle man, especially towards his sisters.




Sunstrike: loves his brother very much and has sworn to protect him with his life. He is always there for him and promises to never let harm come in his way.


Mother: Avalon

Father: Swiftstrike

Sisters: Nightwhisper, Windsong


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