• hey, I don't rlly use this wiki anymore, and I don't want transparent to sit there.. she was created by the wolves heart and was adopted by cloud and then stupidly adopted by me.

    i am not looking for offers. If you offer, it won't give you any chance because I don't want art. 

    please fill out the form if you want Transparent probably writing with more detail and interesting ideas will help you to get her.


    why do you want her?

    what will you do with her?

    what will you change:

    examples of developed characters: 

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    • form

      why do you want her? She's really cool! I saw her and fell in love with her >:D Her design in perfect too!

      what will you do with her? I'll probably use her in a RP in the canon wiki, and I'll expand her appearance, personality, cuz theres bearly anything there.


      Uh so heres a few ideas- Transparent is really shy, and doesn't talk to anyone most of the time. She somtiems reads scrolls, even if she doesn't exactly like them. Even though she was in the 6th circle, she actually didn't care too much about it, as long as her parents doesn't push her too much towards their goal for her. She wouldn't talk too much even if you asked her too. She normally just slinks softly in the background, avoiding anyone who seems unnecessary to talk to.

      what will you change: I think the last bit of the history is a bit too confusing, so I'll change it to that Transparent moved away from the village, and started a new life in Possibility or Sanctuary, I haven't decided. She didn't ever have a dragonet, but she was fine with that. Even though she didn't completely like her life, she learned to accept it. I think I'll also add that she got bullied by other bigger IceWings for not talking to anyone when she was small, and lost her horns in that fight.

      I'll add relationships, trivia, strengthes and flaws.

      Heres a few plans about relationships: Harp Seal, positive, as a friend she found in Possibility/Santuary when she moved there.

      Parents, neutral-positive, since they wanted her to get up the rankings.

      examples of developed characters: Sakura, PineWiIdfire,  EightAxolotl, if you want more look at the character section in my content category, for the ones that doesn't say WIP

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    • why do you want her?

      because she has a wonderful name and her color scheme makes her a perfect character to act as one of the characters who plays a role in my upcoming story later! (there is a reason why, but revealing it now would be no surprise)

      what will you do with her?

      as i previously mentioned, i will be writing her into a story, although she isn't a protagonist, but her role is nonetheless important.

      what will you change:

      i will rewrite her history in the direction i am taking my story to. her personality (the direction the original owner intended to take her), appearance would stay relatively the same. i'd just expand a little more on those sections.

      examples of developed characters: 

      Nixie, Anima, Dreams, Koro, Lune, Kurante (although part of this one is a collab!)

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    • i did a random picker bc I couldn't decide. light fairy gets her, sorry yinja96

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    • thank you!! i'll add my content category to her now c:

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    • A FANDOM user
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