• I'm an idiot. I've never judged for a contest before and here I am coming to your wall judging for dat pokemon contest not knowing what to do. Anyway, I can go get Limey.

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    • OkaY! I'm HERE1

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    • I am here too. I've looked over the entries and here's who I think the winners should be:

      3rd--Sab with Rhia

      2nd--Piggy with burrow (Piggyxl)

      1st--GlamorousSneaking with Drought

      Let me know what you guys think ASAP, because I want to get the results out to the contestants like sometime today.

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    • I think you mean burrow (Piggyxl)

      Also, my ideas

      1st ~ Rhia

      2nd ~ Drought

      3rd ~ Burrow

      Why? Well Rhia was a well thout character And the hiustory was very understandable with a moderate length. Drought had a VERY  long history that made me wanting to not read it. But overall, they were a very good character. Burrow was good, too, but I couldn't find a lot about their backstory but I loved all of them

      Don't take my input, because it's just my opinoin. I think Drought would make a great first place, but the histroy was extremely unappealingly long

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    • I found Drought's history interesting, and I loved their design and how well thought-out the character was. But I think I'll go with Drought, Rhia, and Burrow in that order. What do you think?

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    • I agree with that; it seems reasonable

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    • Big oof. Sorry I wasn’t here before, but my dad g-r-o-u-n-d-e-d me.

      But anyway, I agree with SeaWingsareValid; Drought for first place, Rhia for second, and Burrow for third.

      Hope my absence didn’t disrupt your judging too much.


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    • Nah, we were good :3

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    • A FANDOM user
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