• Nice to meet you, Sandstorm! (bows) I saw your name on the wiki activity and I decided to drop by and give you a non-automatic message. Welcome to the wiki! Feel free to greet everyone on the "nice-to-meet-you" thread. If you'd like to meet someone new, check out the "Break the Borders" thread. ;D

    I hope you've had a wonderful time in the wiki and that everyone was as (or more, I won't discount that!) welcoming to you as this message is. If you ever want any advice on writing or answers to some wikia questions, feel free to hit up my message wall, live chat or ask an admin for answers. I hope we enjoy more of your company and that you enjoy yourself, no matter how long you stay here for. 

    Nice to meet you again and good luck with your OC-making, arting and/or possible RPing! There's a RP notice thread for you to take a look at if you want to find available ones. And, if you'd like to find fellow available artists for possible requests or art trades, check out the Art Requests and Trades Board. If you want to look for any ideas, check out the Inspiration Box! Have a good day and hope you the best on this wiki. c:

    tl;dr: take a look at the Wiki Welcome Directory for any and all help!!

    Also, congrats on coming out as bi! I hope you the best with your life from here on out with that. :)

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